No Tears In Space

What light does flicker, shadows dance with grace and glitter.
Thoughts of you consume, as lightning strikes, followed by a boom.
With a ghostly stare, I tremble in despair.
My heart silently weeps, over the sea as it creeps.
Waiting on for a reply, I continue on and try.
Calling out, for you to hear your name and stake my claim.
With hope I stand before all, through this bitter nightfall.
Strike after blasting strike, parading across the sky, warlike.
If you only knew, when distance strikes, I think of you.

No need to listen, for nothing is there.
The sound of lightning and thunder heard is in my head.
Lights that twinkle in the distance, naked and bare.
So far, too far, to even care.
Speak though I might, to no avail.
Alone I am in truth, as my sadness leaves a streaming trail.
Lifting off, drifting off, I begin to wail.
My lungs collapse, pale of face and crying, knowing I am dying.
Mother Mary full of grace,
not one,
naught one,
no tears in space.


Cutting Deep

Thick and clouded, visions appear in rage shrouded
Misty air floating sublime, drifting slowing down time
A dreamers run, through the minds pun
Does it, for the fun of it
Fucking with your heart, tearing it apart
Messing with your head, as you lay in bed
The breathing that lives day to day
Comes to life in a most horrific way
Nightmares that turn on faucets
Naked in tub, surrounded by
Holding a razor, waiting, praying…
Rainbow arches looking for the pot of gold
Pegasus comes through the air, all eyes
and hold
Dark versus Light
Each with its own right
Created in our own mind
What do we find?
The root of desire
Some we love with water, some we set to fire
In the end it’s just a dream
A make believe, to make it seem
For me it ends, these dreams, caught in a fog
Running about hopping logs
Obstacles, always in the way of life
The mist blankets, all but the knife
Rounds wrists, with a glide cutting deep
The one truth that lives in both


So What, Who Cares?

He found me pumping gas for .85 cents an hour
I would top it up, all on an account
This gorgeous stingray, top always down, except when it rains
It rains a lot in this little hamlet name Port Moody
But in the months of summer, the sky always blue
And not because it’s was sad, no no
He offered me a ride, to a place where I could learn
Paid me to sweep floors, wash his car, walk his dog
He gave me books, made me read, asked me questions
Where he and I would gibber over a glass of whiskey
A man can hold his liquor until his lips quiver
Babbling fool, drank to many under the stool
Know when to say no, every choice has its consequences
Years pass, I’ve mellowed out to find my place
Still in that little hamlet, tucked below mountains by the sea
The smell of the ocean, is a part of me
I want to die, it could be now or tomorrow
When it comes, I’ll accept it without malice nor sorrow
Everything comes to that point in a continuous time, the end
Mr. G is retiring, he has no heir to his name
He sold his company, so he and his wife can live happily
The bill of sale had one stipulation
That one particular employee has a lifetime contract
His job, for as long as I am alive
Ran away from home where love did not exist
Lived free like a blackbird, pecking to find food
Digging a burrow to keep warm at night
Made my way across this country
To that little hamlet by the sea
Pumping gas
Sweeping floors
Reading books
Listening to him
Now, I’m the new GM of his company
So what, Who cares?
Mr G does


Hey Dolls and Dudes.
Wanted to pay tribute to my boss. Mr G
He really did save me. He paid for me to finish high school.
Taught me the business. Made me a better person.
He doesn’t know I write poetry. He thinks I’m just this silent dumb kid. How does an 80 year old get away with treating a 55 year old like a kid?
Damn old fuckers. Oh, hey not you George. You’re an awesome old fucker.
Thank you Mr G
The dad I never had
Who is, in my heart, better than


sadly a few coworkers did lose their jobs. it makes the entire ordeal the past 2 months bittersweet. happy for those secured but will always hurt for the ones gone.

Lost, That Lovin’ Feelin’

The world turns, night fades out to light
Eyes creek open, to find a morning bright

Sleep she does, as sheets swarm her body
Hugging curves, swooping down like honey

His eyes glide followed by the tips of fingers
A subtle alarm to wake her with tingles

As her eyes meet his
In a good morning kiss

Face to face with feet hugging
Knees collide, funny bone kind of feeling

A love once was, now wound tight
It repeats itself but saying good night

With every tick of a clock that tocks by
Sun and Moon taking turns in the sky

The space between growing apart
Night and Day, Heart to Heart

Touch becomes forgotten
As eyes now creep open

Cursing the sun for its early rise
Would prefer the glow of the moons cries

A tap on the ass and a morning peck on the cheeks
That too fades as more time leaks

Young loves playful mood
Turns a bitter shrewd

Saying good night at different times
Sleeping apart, are telling signs

Adding it up to whatever the reason
Lost, that lovin’ feelin’


A Sorrow, On The Winds, Rein In

An eagle soared over the ocean
The sun beaming on his alabaster crown
Wings spread wide in a glide with tips splayed
Circling the ground below for a final serenade
A squawk heard and repeated over and over
Spirit clouds descend as a single spirit rises higher
Light of the Son, embrace this kind soul
Into the bosom of your fold
A passage from here to there
Loved by a heart with care
Left behind with tears that rain
A sorrow, on the winds, rein in
Bright is the beacon light shining
That is the gaze from eyes crying
A twirling, spiralling feather white to black tip
Falls and sways, as the breeze delivers it
To land at the foot of your heart
A reminder that bodies may, but love, will never part

Dedicated to my friend and countryman Joseph at The Spirit Keepers