how the buzz from a hit of weed propels the mind to open wide…

I have felt pain, who has not
I’ve cried hard to the point of passing out
Struggling to breathe in air
When lungs are weighted down by a heavy heart

I have felt love, who has not
I’ve awed watching lovers holding hands
Inner tears fill the throat
The swallows hard, trying not to choke

I have felt sadness, who has not
I’ve sunk down low enough to call it quits
Thoughts, exploding in my head
It’s the hard that drives the desire to carry on



When will it be enough to fill the want.
Could it be measured using a bucket.
Watching it reach the rim,
adding some more but as soon
as I lift, the pail spills.

When will it be enough to call it day.
Would it be timed from the suns rise.
Ending to where it fades as it sets,
turning to night, and
counting the stars as wealth.

When will it be enough to say goodbye.
The final farewell to a sad, sad song.
Told what to do, when and how,
playing the game without a win,
honestly or in sin.

When will it be enough to quit and die.
Reading the needle as it points to empty.
Pushing further, a little farther,
flicking eyes like an addict does,
speeding over the limit.

When will it be enough to finally smile.
Breathe with ease, go to sleep and dream.
Awake with the need to live without a frown,
from Monday to Sunday,
on any given day.


quando il cuore si spezza, ascolta il silenzio…

Happiness and Sadness

Strike a pose,
so all can see
A flowing gown,
that flares at the knee

Pleated pillar,
that touches ground
Sculpted lines,
as anyone found

Long wavy hair,
cascades in a feminine way
Curls that swerve,
snowy gothic sway

Smooth as silk,
a smile-less face
Ridiculed by many,
stare of disgrace

The thought of a unicorn,
to be true in mind
Outweighs the reality,
we are all one of a kind

We all have similar likes,
some with a twist to life
Living in a box behind bars,
some glide the edge of a knife

His drooping eyes and pouting lips,
keeps emotion held in check
He deeply feels the solitude,
likens it, you would think he was a wreck

The filling sounds all around,
invades his inner spirit
The buzzing noise excites,
the mute, that he may inherit

This earthly planet grows from dirt,
giving birth to life’s spinning cycle
Who gives a fuck about a dress,
or how we pray to a godly idol

A smile does exist,
as does a frown
Happiness and sadness,
picture a clown


Hi everyone. just dropped in to say hi. I went private for selfish reasons. Keeping it small. I will go private again in a short time. Wanted to invite anyone who wishes to join in, please do. If I’ve ever liked your poetry and art, please know i appreciate what you do and share. Huge gift given. And no pressure to link in either, cool? Will continue to visit you when time permits as I cherish the moments you take, to give time, to visit me. πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

Peace and Love to All

Love, from Your Special Day

You wake up in total silence
The air you breathe, soft and filling
Light fading in enveloping darkness
Casting shadows on walls painted white
A genuine smile, curls the lips sly
The sun warms it’s grace, gently on your face
Others passing by, nod, wink and say, hi!
You can eat a burrito for breakfast
Without a single belch, all day
The boss pats your back and says; good job son
A proud Dad walks away, pleased at what you’ve done
You end the day with the one you love
Doing what’s most special when two are one
Enjoying the moment, for today may be the last
Love, from Your Special Day