Frozen In A Pause

Wash my face with rain, let the cool ease the eyes
Embrace the gift of life, behold, a never ending bliss

Bathe in suns shine, as it pours over warmth
Soaked in the brilliance of its strength

Drift on high, carried by the winds
East, West, North, South, glide with wings

Dip and dive, curve, swerve in a craze
Head for the ocean to ride the waves

Float onto a shore in a land far away
A golden state, where beauty led astray

Came a vision, a woman that left me in a stun
Silky hair, glowing skin, her eyes outshines the sun

Reach to speak, say hello, silence overcomes
As a dreamers dream is frozen in a pause

Trapped within a fantasy rhyme
In just another poem, lost in time


Alphabet Stew

arise, as smoke licks the eyes
burning, a magical ride yearning
climbing higher and higher like flying
diving, dipping, this mind-fuck is lifting
earth to moon and beyond since birth
from and to, we’ve become
god like creatures through time, clawed
honing skills along the way learning
incredible discoveries made memorable
joy and sadness how life builds and destroys
kind, that of man and woman both find
love, that which is the catalyst we write of
morning will come as sure as knowing
night to follow, with its own glow of light
our paths were meant to cross like a flower
pollinating, a rebirth, continues populating
quietly and for some loudly
roaring our desire to fly free even soaring
skyward to reach heights always onward
travelling to the stars seen twinkling
under our wanting gaze with hunger
vow we must, to live and never bow
we are kings and queens of land and sea
X your mark in this world and beyond with vex
you only live once so enjoy the view
zest and zeal will end with permanent zzz’s


Cradled by the Sea

Drifting out to sea,
floating on the tide
Beneath a black cloud,
drowning from inside
Final breath expelled,
lungs flood filling
Waves of shock invade,
the heart beats chilling
The sky above dims,
to a deathly starless grey
Visions slowly fades,
until life gives way
Cradled by the sea,
lost forever more
A rotting corpse,
will never lay on shore
Sink below the surface,
deep into the abyss
Cold and dark,
where light does not exist
Settle on the oceans floor,
final resting place
And disappear,
without a trace


molto grazie per la visita, baci a tutti