The Ephemeral Veil

Brother!  a word I’ve recently used.  More in the last 12 months than in my entire life.   Brother or Sister, sharing a special moment that can only be described as sublime.  Writing with Matthew and Nathalie was just that and is, a cherished memory for me.

Thank you Nathalie and Matthew, for the previous, the now and the next…

Please link below to visit Matthews blog to be amazed and thrilled.   

God her subconscious has called I hearken to her plight her denial means nothing my son of false light Lucifer a desire, a wish is all they crave to taste what is forbidden by your grace I offer a …

Source: The Ephemeral Veil

The Ephemeral Veil

Thank you Nathalie for joining Matthew and I.  For a moment, you’ve filled our hearts, with that moment, it will, last forever.

Please link below directly to Nathalie’s blog.   Venture on to more of her artistry and soak yourselves in her passionate flow.


God her subconscious has called I hearken to her plight her denial means nothing my son of false light Satan a desire, a wish is all they crave to taste what is forbidden by your grace I offer a pl…

Source: The Ephemeral Veil

Ashes to Ashes



i am worthy


the lord is my Shepard


i will be free, watch and see…

I kneel in Your light, I do not see
I yearn for Your love, I do not feel
I pray this once, this night to set me free
I ask for Your forgiveness, divine is what they say
I do not need an answer, for believing is the only way
I give my life, in the name of the Father
His to keep
ashes to ashes


Stained in a Cloth of Conviction


She stared with a sad heart
She watched her world falling apart
With all the thoughts that lead to love
Why does this world hate so much

A child born with an innocence from birth
To live where war is the ruler of earth
All the pain trapped by her eyes
Flows the tears heard throughout time with cries

Gone are the memories told from yesterday
Draining the colour of emerald from her eyes that stray
With sadness that takes her will to stay
Her heart crushed at the sight that took her hopes away

The sun ceased to rise with its purpose for life
The moon ceased to glow with its peaceful embrace
The stars ceased to shine with its hope for a future
The world ceased to live with compassion

Heaven once blessed with benediction
Expression in sadness from the last living Angel
Her eyes cry as they weep fatal
Stained in a cloth of conviction


the temptation

in a story, always two sides
centuries pass
where faith and doubt collides
with angels and demons en mass

a meeting called between men-at-arms
the dark summoned by the light
hades and heaven sounding off alarms
at this impromptu invite

thoughts from all anguished
as heaven cries out
our savior sitting with the one banished
he who is with doubt

the dark is cautious
at this
but curious
with a hiss

the light sits bright
with eyes piercing blue
his intention forthright
i have a deal for you

a deal?
didn’t know we would be bartering
this is surreal
but very arousing

quite simple you see
i have what you desire
its me
living in your hell of fire

that is quite enticing
would snap at it without hesitation
forgive my coiling
i do have a question

the deal is simple
as i said
take me as i am devil
for one request, world-spread

the son of god
the savior of man
to serve me, this is odd
surely there must be a plan

hell is overrun
satan, take the deal
i am the one
at your feet i will kneel

you would be my prize
my trophy
my highs
son of god, i want you badly

you agree to take me
you agree to my request
your word given freely
without protest

yes i agree
your request honored
this day remembered for eternity
name your request it shall be ordered

from this day forward
you shall abandon earth, let it be
for this is my word
if you fail, every soul in hell will be set free

son of god
jesus christ, now twice
you leave me speechless
never would i have imagined another sacrifice


The Assassination of Satan

Cries billowing since known time began, fallen souls, sunken, lost, woman and man.
Countless cast thee of weakest heart and mind, into the Lake of Fire all confined.
Pain and suffering for eternity, the price of unrighteousness is costly.

Once at the right of God, with angelic beauty, His most powerful cherub in filial piety.
Rebelled against Him, turned into a demon, before His work complete, banished from heaven.
He of many faces, living among the sufferers of time, old and young.

Centuries pass, so many damned, at the hands of the fallen one, slammed.
Lured by temptation to have or have not, it all started with a bite of apple, red hot.
Eden was lost, for the sake of knowledge, the cost.

Battles between good and evil, continues as long as there are people.
Raphael and Gabriel summoned by Michael, these protectors, His Archangels
A plan to form, seduce, all three, will it take to induce.

The time has come, the fallen one to succumb.
Yield the dark reign, cleanse everlasting pain.
To be rid of this demon, the assassination of satan.


Top Hat

Lord of the Underworld, second only to The One
Master of tasks, below and above
Satan demands souls to fill his lake of fire
But it’s the Top Hat who chooses in tidings dire
Implanting temptations to seduce the mind
To weaken the hearts of all mankind
Free Will, the only rule
Fucking this up, would take a fool
How many fuckers are there knowing
Too many to count, the lake of fire is overflowing
He has an eye and can smell a loser to recruit
The decay of a pitted rotten fruit
Darkness runs through his veins
Blessed by the devils reign
The evil that spawns
Collecting pawns