Free, Under The Sea

I float above the waves that roll, the wind carries me and I lose control.

Flying high, above the sea, playful creatures below somersault and taunt me.

I dip my head and dive, arms stretched out in front, to pierce the icy surface and thrive.

Air pockets surround, am swarmed by grays’, my lungs begin to burn I fear I’ve drowned.

Am carried up towards the top, breaking through I take my fill to chuff a mighty blow and stop.

My newly formed tail pushes through, water torn I find myself streaming along.

I rise into the air again, a porpoise am reborn.

The ocean vast and clear, frolicking with whistles and clicks, now words to my ear.

With every rise I fly, taking in air to breathe, sleek and shinny my skin gleams, I scream, bonsai!

With my fill of air, I sink below to a world unknown, where I now live free, under the sea.


A Duet ~ by Dana and Ax

She teases me, seductively serene
Her aqueous kisses caressing
the crystal shores
She whispers in hushed voice
Undulating flirtatiously
with every wave

Nocturnal glow in rise
He peeks above the horizon line
To sit forefront of stars that salute
in sparkled joy
Reflecting off, nightly slack
tide, that rests with his mirrored image

I gift her with diamonds most nights
She is demurely unaware,
although her many admirers are not
As temptation grows too great,
I attempt to pull her into my embrace
But the tempestuous tides make her cry

My tears of mystery, swells from the abyss
Below the surface in a calm beating storm
Where currents run in lanes, lost but not
North to south, east and west
Guided by my lovers light
Running towards his moon dust gaze

Feeling the mist of each briny crest
I dip deep into her liquid velveteen folds
Heaven is found much closer to earth than sky
as I drink in her passionate sighs
My desire is exposed as I cannot contain
my inner glow, bedded with my sea

Sir Moon, my strength, my light, my infinite soulmate
The waning thrusts, that penetrates my coral heart
Explodes in colors, cared for, by his trusting glow
Bowing to his presence, when he rises up full
To cast that embrace that glides across my sea face

Time and shadows seek to separate us
But even in our darkest hours, I remain devoted
to my goddess, her passionate beauty resonates
Our souls entwined in the gravity of everlasting love

Here, where my deepest thoughts escape
He knows, there are no fears
As long as he remains near

Savoring her saline kiss, I fade
Into dreams of her provocative bliss

A Love Between The Moon and The Sea


I’ve fallen for poetry in a hard way. It has become more intense as I let myself go. Over the last 6 months since joining wp, I’ve come to know and enjoy great talent. So many wonderful poets (Ladies and Gentlemen alike) and I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with a few of my favorites…
The Eclectic Poet
and now the talented Dana from Message in a Bottle, the lady who owns the sea. I’m sure you all know of Dana and her powerful poems here is her link Message in a Bottle
If you haven’t been to her blog…giddy up!

This collaboration flowed like the wind that carries the sea spray and kisses the face with a refreshing feel. Thank you Dana, for a wonderful experience and getting to know an amazing person…You!!

The title of this piece is the last line. Hope you enjoy. I’m sure those who know our styles can tell but just in case…Dana penned as the moon, I, as the sea.

Peace and Love

Lost XXV

It was morning when I woke
I spoke but nothing said
It seemed as though life had ceased
East was not where the sun had risen
No birds singing
All were missing
The air so still I can see it clear
My feet carry me from here to there
Soundless pounding on wooden floor
Stomp as I might towards the door
I find myself on gardens path
Drops of rain begin to fall
Not one touches me at all
My eyes amazed I gaze
The rain falls from a cloudless sky
The silence piercing buzzing in my head
Hold a conch shell to my ear
That’s exactly what I hear
It’s like the sea is calling me
Taunting sounds I do not fear
Before my eyes blink
I sink
I do, into murky waters neck deep
As waves roll high
Salty seawater my tongue does taste
The undertow begins to pull as I float away
Beneath the surface black as night
A vision appears from the deep
With hair so red it shines bright
Flesh of pearl with emerald scales
Fish tail propels into sight
Behold, a little mermaid played
β€œTake my hand”…voiceless from her lips
Of your own accord you must do
Compelled I reach to hold
As I do she breathes into me
Air as cold as ice my lungs fill
Fathoms deep we drop, blackness from the top
Yet colors strike my eyes
A rainbow of coral hues
Layer upon layer a Disney dream come true
A castle without gates
Inviting cheers from those who wait
Faces from the past with smiles and waves they cast
I know them all yet never met
Home at last
Back to the sea
Where we evolved to be