Now Thats What I Call A Fucking Show

no easy words come, but i’ll try…

lay back as the buzz in the room cools
vibrations off walls from a guitars drool
step over step in time with the tune
towards a fool on a wooden stool
devils water pours, over knees
cascading down her leg
curls like a river bank making a turn
over toes, soft round pepples
dipping onto a tongue, spilling over the lips
dripping off the chin
trying to keep the heat in his pants from catching fire
all it does, is drives up desire
sucking the final drops
from the biggie to the little pinky
finishes off with a wiggle
right after taking a swiggle
spitting it out
like a fountain, down his throat


please watch the video below. this turned me on like theres no tomorrow. i would pay for this. does that make me weird? who cares😜
oh and you have to watch till the end, final line of scene

Now That’s What I Call A Fucking Show ~ a scene; From Dusk Till Dawn