The Day He Disappeared Into The Sea

Days of teenage love, simple and carefree
Times of holding hands and stealing kisses
Walking the streets of old Mexico City
Laying on a beach pretending it was Tahiti
Birhdays and other days with special dates
Recalling the one that ended with a heart being raped
A turning point, a mood that turned to solitude
Walking the streets of the neighbourhood
Sleeping all day in an empty bedroom
Greyed in the colour of doom
A cowards note left at the foot of the bed
“As you can see, I’m not here” it said
“You did all you can do for me,
I made it an impossibility,
please forgive my selfish tract,
its one, I do as a final act,
gone, into the sea, to set you free,
please, don’t come visit me”
It ended with, “goodbye my dove,
It was always yours, my love”
She dragged her heels and toes through the sand
The wind blew against her skin with a chilling hand
Dreaming of a yesterday
Thinking of what to say
Her misery odors the air
Her anger says I Dont Care
The truth is, she does
Her love, was always his
The day he disappeared into the sea
She visited him and whispered, I’ll never be free
what you did, you did to me


words ~ Ax
GIF ~ tumblr