sex ~ drugs ~ rock and roll

maryjane maryjane, my sweet maryjane
rolled in fine lace round sweet sativa-strain
lighting one end, drag on the other
taking a trip into space, or is it in outer
focus your vision, am about to express
the need for quail, chicks with finesse
driving men mad, with lips painted bright
stars floating by, deep into the night
bobbing and weaving, lickity-sucky
driving, daddy, totally-batty
there in the back, where its dark and seedy
smoke house blues, private party
feelin the groove, its the cats meow
frothy lips, dribbling now
living this life, out on an edge
playing it cool, high on a ledge
taking a chance, what life’s all about
Its rock and roll, its twist n shout
smoke a little, dance a lot
read a poem, make love, hot, hot, hot


Can You Feel It

Hot steamy breath coats the neck
Tingles from fingers comes next
Shoulders down arms, skips to the waist
Pressing, spooning, standing up straight
A half pirouette to face, face to face
Eyes lock tight, lust ignites, oh, holy grace!
Lips meet, the very first greet tastes sweet
He wondered and was right, she is a treat
Rags that cover flesh, screaming to be set free
Uniting two lovers, loving, in natures harmony
Movements that dance, a sexual prance
Lay down entwined, this moment by chance
Exploring each other, searching for the grail
It would send shivers, so orgasms wail



The horizon sends in waves of welcome to this island paradise. Skin feels the yearning burn of the suns blazing heat. Seduced by the winds, spraying salty kisses that the sea whispers. Good fare, bountiful and spread.

Meet me in Barbados…

Lay in the sun sipping fruity drinks spiked with a little fun
Nibble away, any time of day, what do you say?
Walk the beach, side by side, feet cooled by the sea
Sea shells cupped to an ear, to hear the oceans roar
Dream of the dream you’ve always wanted to be real
Take the step, out from your life, one week is all I ask
Dip in the pool or ride the surf on a board
Dance to the music, the palms crave to sway
Stars fill the sky, the night lights up, a disco ball effect
Lips would touch, the moon would silhouette
A moment in time that forgets, except for the now
Strip to the bare, the air fights to cool
The heat from flesh, to hot to handle, fool
Blood flowing smooth like a river of lava
Steaming like a cup of java
Kisses upon kisses, so great, Zeus would applaud
The union of two, stuns him to watch
Vibes from within, sync in time with waves
The crashing sounds penetrate with every thrust made
Harder, faster, time speeds through a galaxy
Streaming comets flare on a head to head collision
Impact streaks a fire works explosion in orgasm
Sleep in my arms till a new day, what do you say
Meet me in Barbados?


gonna be off for awhile. peace and love 🙏➰❤️

Gawd-damn, We’re Really Humming

I’ll grab you hard, watch your eyes for a sign to pull back. I’ll kiss your mouth, run my tongue in your ear, feel you squirm down there. No need of things that bind. I want you loose, to feel the want, of wanting you. Raise those legs, let me lick along the backs, nibble on your heels, make my way to your toes and suck each one, they’ll wish to explode. Spread them open, get in-between, flick the piggy, I see you getting giggly. Soon it stops as I hold my cock and stroke it gently with your lushish size sevens. Pause for a brief moment, take in what is holding. Laser beam eyes devise a route, journey north towards heaven, to explore and conquer. I crave the taste only you can brew. The aroma is intoxicating, leaving me melting in a pot of whiskey and honey. Lest I forget, make sure to taste your rim, dark and nutty. Drive the rise through a garden party. Flower blooms bright, wet and throbbing. Surf your belly, visit your inny, poke it a little, to make you giggle. Hills are alive, your nubs peaking perky. Squeeze with a twist, bite down so it hurts, just enough to send a spark. Firm yet giggley, a natural beauty. My tip, just inches from your lips that open, it itches to take in a swallow. Glides back and forth, fucking your titties. Grabbing the ass on a forward thrust, deep down the throat in one clean suck. Slowly releasing, your tongue runs swirling, the same you’ve done to ice cream dripping. Pop the head, stroke the girth, take a nibble of the purple monster. Push yourself up, trying to take control. The urge to fuck, so great, you could come with a dick in your mouth. No. Not good enough. Want it all. Filling it in like a jigsaw puzzle. Turn around, doggy style. Plant your face in a pillows comfort. Gawd-damn, we’re really humming.



The rage screams wild, thrashing about
A burn tingles the flesh, steaming hot
Scent of sex, flares the nostrils out
Inhaling, her budding flower sprouts

Moaning, the echoes repeat clear
Cheering her stallion to steer
Galloping on a full throttle spear
Leaping, lust, longing revere

Deep. How deep? As deep as this
To feel the slide as it glides a mess
How it coats a sheen a stunning bliss
Dripping wet, yes, yes yes

Rise and fall, a dancers grace
To arch away, dip into outer space
Receive the seed that comes to a place
That fills to awaken, a lovers embrace


Little Miss Red

The tale of a hooded young lass
Parading through a wooded forest

Woodsman, working a days toils
The air breathes a stench, it boils

Careful, stepping over fallen branches
Eyes peering through they attach like leeches

Scurry in a hurry to a lonely cabin
Where once a grandma, inhabited

Red visits for stories, cupcake and tea
Now, she only visits on a full moons plea

You see, when the wolf scared grandma away
He played this little girl astray

Closer, closer, his senses calling
His words, fill her head wanting

She recites the phrases that made her famous
Pointing out the big and colossus

She spies the rise of a lupine’s eyes
Dark and round, they make her sigh

She whispers, he hears
Yes, with his raised ears

White as polished ivory
Fangs gleam with a wicked smilie

It’s another that she tries to see
Closer, closer, to ecstasy

Sheets slide along muscled thighs
Exposing his hard cocks rise

Down she goes
There she blows

A lick and flick
A bob and a dab

Stroke that honey
Spit on it shiny

Deep down the throat
Suck and pop like a cork

Ga, gag, gagging, makes her horny
Turns like a screw, sixty-nine, baby!

Going to town, her moan echoes
The woodsman follows

Enters with caution
Stares, watching

Room for a third?
Little Miss Red heard

What took you so long, jack!
Drop the hatchet and bring me that ax


~ I googled Miss Red to refresh my memory of her story. Just as I recalled. A sexual fantasy written for children. Below I found this passage on wikipidi whatever it’s called
Please read…..

Moral: Children, especially attractive, well bred young ladies, should never talk to strangers, for if they should do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf. I say “wolf,” but there are various kinds of wolves. There are also those who are charming, quiet, polite, unassuming, complacent, and sweet, who pursue young women at home and in the streets. And unfortunately, it is these gentle wolves who are the most dangerous ones of all.

😮 holy crap, right?
Hope you don’t mind I turned Red into a whore 😈➰

Come On Baby…

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

You think you’re less than everyone else
I’m here to say, you are everything and more
All in your own quirky way, like the giggle that snorts
How a song pops in your head and you say; “I love this”
You begin tell of a story, when…a thought, stops
Another topic, a way to get to know, a stranger far away

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

The sound of your voice, sends shivers on my flesh
They blast, lightning speed, my finger tips bleed
Dripping ink onto a page with a hungers rage
To pour wine and drunk on a feast we dine
Embraced in a moment, taken, by being chosen
Hands inch closer, then held, we both lean over

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

A kiss, sends a tingle, a flame reignites the candle
To set a glow, on a face of an angels soul
The passion inside where your heart beats loud
Fuels mine to pound harder and faster
Entwined as the vines of a vintage vineyard
The nectar of the gods, spills over and over

Come on baby…
Let’s blow out the candle and set our hearts on fire

What was meant to be will be
The freedom of filling the missing
Soft then hard, sweat adored
Good golly Miss hot and naughty
Let’s leave the candle burning
Come on baby, let’s get dirty