Secret Fairytale

She’s a good girl. This to be true, as said
actions, defining words that strum from heart to head.
The direction it takes, comes from within
could it be up, towards the eyes or down in naughty sin.
To see, what simply is a picture, lit by Franklins light
as much as it belongs to the sun that sits up high.
Fallen, for a vision who dwells afar, her intoxicating fragrance
invades, a lonely soul with grace and elegance.


“Baby. I’m drunk on you” said with passion and flare
that rises to the occasion, partaking in a one night affair.
Pleasure thyself, as a voice echoes clear with instruction
Topping the moment, while the other diddles to eruption.
Bells invention, that brings two people together
airwaves carry, two passing ships who tether.
Embracing each other, to the sounds of swooning sails
the image of spooning a pillow, sharing a secret fairytale.


The Bat JuiceΒ 

Trace of a pencil, shaping figures
Small in the waste, bubble in da booty
Corsets of leather and lace strung tight
Breasts lifted high in a bodysuit that snuggles just right
Purrs heard through the lines
Shaded black of a sultry feline
Stilettos lifting the spirits
Of little boys reading comics
More evil doers than heroes
Side kicks to venomous crawlers
Sewers flowing with criminals seeking attention
The likes of jokers, riddlers and penguins
Never an act, if you can’t tell
The sweet demonic allure of Harley Quinn
You think after living with Mistah J, she’d be used to pain
Until she sighs…”hi puddin, miss me?” in refrain
Ivy’s poison, laced on lips
One kiss will kill
Another will thrill
Life in her hands
Woven strands
That holds her desired intended
The knight dressed in black apprehended
A sinister love triangle
Caught in a webs tangle
Villainess ladies who lure and seduce
Gotham’s prodigal son Bruce
To get to The Bat Juice


Up, On Her Knees

Down on her knees
She begins to tease
Eyes like the moon gleams
Her hot breath steams
A gentle touch
Her fingers clutch
A sensuous stroke reacts
His anus, contracts
Like the statue of David
Hard as a rock, naked
The wheel in his head spins
Filming the vision and grins
She runs a lap, with tongue
Trailing up the shaft, slow and long
Kissing the head, saying hello
Giving a sweet, little blow
Puckers the head
With lips painted red
Pops once then twice
Her head tilting up, nice
Holding his cock, she stalls
Causing a twitch in his balls
Desire is peaking fast
Willing her, she begins at last
Her mouth follows the hand
Gliding down in command
Stroking rhythm on
Sucking him off
Her head bobs like a seasoned pro
Swirling around her goal for him to blow
He’s got stamina, she gives him that
Still licking and sucking
Still popping and stroking
She picks up the pace
Grasping in an embrace
She deep throats his cock
Sensing the rise of his stock
Brewing hot
Muscles knot
Pulls out
With an open mouth
Cream flows south
Filling her up
On her knees



photo taken from tumblr