I Can See Reasons


I can see a million reasons why this is wrong.
Me with you,
for a moment,
for a breath.

for all the wanton visions
that dance in my head,
and taste the dream, that intoxicates the senses.

I can see one reason why this is right.
For that one love,
to take it all,
uninhibited and free.

on the crest of a wave,
that leads over the ocean,
rolling onto your shore.

I can see no reasons why we just don’t.
Take a chance start off slow,
build up speed to fly
and carry on through the seasons.

Bitten by winters frost.
Thawed by springs blossom.
Bronzed by summers bliss.
Fed by autumns harvest.

I can see reasons why this is true.
With every beat,
that vibrates,
my chest echoes and aches.

Spinning my head like a merry-go-round.
Falling in love,
pulled to the ground,
all because of you.