I Feel So Small


Hiding inside with tears that floats away, they meet the sky above turning it grey

Lightning and thunder laughing aloud, the echoes of sadness raining down from the darkest cloud

When hate fills the life I live, swallows whole every inch held captive

All my thoughts are sad and blue in this world, the bruises on my flesh like clouds swirl

Silence is the band-aid that holds my heart, from falling apart

In the dead of night I’ll step into the light of a billion stars, that match my scars

With a yearning cry to be touched, but the pain to bare it, is too much


The In-Between

The in-between
The breaths we take in pain and sorrow, blended with a dash of freedom and shakes of joy.

The in-between
Rocks with jagged edges and bars of cold hard steel, lined with the feel of warm mahogany and woven wool.

The in-between
Cast aside as broken toys, no players to be found, where once a friend in hand, loved you as you are.

The in-between
All the moments that added up to barely nothing, in each a lesson learned that gave us some, value.

The in-between
The missing touch that sparks a fire, that fuels desire, in every memory created in the past.

The in-between
Where the underlying truth, giving up is easier but living hard is so much better at building character



Sorrow is a state of mind it floats about trying to find.
A purpose for existence how we crave that path of least resistance.
Sorrow is a state of mind it gloats about unkind.
Slowly killing the soul, like being sucked into a black hole.
Sorrow is a state of mind, to live, laugh, love and accept destiny blind.
For every breath, drops a grain of sand, in time.
Losing out on life would surely be a crime.