No Tears In Space

What light does flicker, shadows dance with grace and glitter.
Thoughts of you consume, as lightning strikes, followed by a boom.
With a ghostly stare, I tremble in despair.
My heart silently weeps, over the sea as it creeps.
Waiting on for a reply, I continue on and try.
Calling out, for you to hear your name and stake my claim.
With hope I stand before all, through this bitter nightfall.
Strike after blasting strike, parading across the sky, warlike.
If you only knew, when distance strikes, I think of you.

No need to listen, for nothing is there.
The sound of lightning and thunder heard is in my head.
Lights that twinkle in the distance, naked and bare.
So far, too far, to even care.
Speak though I might, to no avail.
Alone I am in truth, as my sadness leaves a streaming trail.
Lifting off, drifting off, I begin to wail.
My lungs collapse, pale of face and crying, knowing I am dying.
Mother Mary full of grace,
not one,
naught one,
no tears in space.