Poetic Symphony

At dawn hear the birds sing when morning comes
The dew on grass shimmers by the sun
Ever so gentle leaves flutter with the wind
Lost in the beauty that fills from within

How songs tell stories with a soulful melody
Brushes stroke paint into images velvety
Dancers sway provocative, wet and sultry
A poet gifts a muse with a poetic symphony

Could love come knocking, wishful thinking
Knocking socks off, a whirlwind spinning
Dazed and confused the heart takes over
Smothering logic its hard to stay sober

I’m drawn to the stars how they sprout at night
Accompanied by the moon makes it feel right
In the comfort of its glow is like being home
Chasing dreams, a star seeds call to roam


Star Seeds

His heart pierced, the desire within is fierce
Journeys in time, to worlds near, far; how sublime
Riddles of life sought, defeats and triumphs fought

An ache inside thrashing about, the urge to scream and shout
Misplaced on a rock spinning round, velocity lifts from ground
Eyes closed shut, imagines an Eden through galaxies that erupt

A lost seed planted on this earth sprouted in birth
Shallow roots spread short, failed to hold from bitter frost
The want, no, the need to leave so great, consider it greed

Reborn in death, a path that leads to a new first breath
Like a distant love, the kind dreams are made of
As told in faerie tales through storybook fables


Above La Luna’s Glow

Above la Luna’s glow
Cast beyond the stars
A darkness that consumes
All, of a lonesome heart
Wingless blackbird
Stranded on earth
Rooted to ground
Misery found

Above la Luna’s glow
A beacon pulls hard
Connecting soul and mind
Sucking, the energy dry
Eyes black as coal
Shines with a glow
Bright as the moon
An onyx one

Above la Luna’s glow
Waits, a far away home
The ferryman travels
Collecting passengers
Scarred with the mark
For a spaceship ride
Galaxy’s past
Light years away

Above la Luna’s glow
Fades in, a new dawn
Witness, to a rising sun
Stranded on planet earth
Counting the minutes
Ticking and tocks
Passing of time
Lost, lost, still lost

Above la Luna’s glow
Returns the yearning pull
That glides the razors edge
The mark left by a scar
The ferryman nods
Opens the door
Taking a soul
To a world unknown

Above la Luna’s glow
One will never know
What lies beyond the known
In death, dreams may come true
To close the eyes
Very last time
A silence grows
Final breath blows


Take A Ride With Me

Neon purple lights, strung like patio lanterns
Setting down a glow, illuminating patterns
Silhouette rings like saturns’
Circling round on the ground, scattered

Flaming a bowl, inhaling peace
Take it in, let it rest with ease
Blowing out the stress, release
Catching a buzz, vibrating beats

Silence, fills the air
Yet sounds, are everywhere
The night, brings a longing flair
When a howl at the moon, does stare

To catch the glitter of a shooting star
Wonder, if I hitched along, how far
To the centre of a distant quasar
Would it end the pain from every scar

To believe in a dream of another place
A world beyond the knowledge of earths disgrace
Begin a new, with a smiling face
Where life is loved and embraced


starseeds v finale: a duet

I cannot tell you all how pleased I am with this series and working with Tiffany. Not only is she an amazing poetess, she has a wonderful soul and heart.

Thank you Tiffany xxx

unfiltered from the heart

Etheric feelings; sweet mist, hearts melded, together floating downwards
through clouds of shared passion and bliss.
Intimacy sealed through lovers’ kiss,
how to deal with the depth of all this?


I am found in you as a flickering flame
that glows without, explanation or game.
The embers that my heart holds,
are lit by your loving embrace the same,
as two becomes one on a lighted stage.


At home together, bound yet free,
the two as one thrive to see.
The storms we know will all pass,
as one with sun, stars and moon,
that it would guide our compass true.


Two seeds, finally found at last,
it breathes anew a breath of life.
In sync where two of our kind,
beats to a drum that fills the mind,
two hearts in love finally found.


Struck by a chord to rise above the crowd,
never alone…

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Starseeds (a duet): part iii ~ double acrostic

Serendipity unites, two seeds seeking greatnesS
The desire stirring, lonely hearts kept aparT
Arresting thoughts, to banish this enigmA
Rising and soaring togetheR
Sewing time, stitching bringS
Each to each other now in embracE
Earth-born, releasing their cosmic guisE
Darkness shed, no longer does it dreaD
Starseeds finally touch, face to face in blisS

double acrostic written by
Tiffany and Ax

The third installment to the Starseeds series.
A collaboration that has taken me on a spiritual ride with the talented and lovely Tiffany from Tiffany Being Free