Little Miss Red

The tale of a hooded young lass
Parading through a wooded forest

Woodsman, working a days toils
The air breathes a stench, it boils

Careful, stepping over fallen branches
Eyes peering through they attach like leeches

Scurry in a hurry to a lonely cabin
Where once a grandma, inhabited

Red visits for stories, cupcake and tea
Now, she only visits on a full moons plea

You see, when the wolf scared grandma away
He played this little girl astray

Closer, closer, his senses calling
His words, fill her head wanting

She recites the phrases that made her famous
Pointing out the big and colossus

She spies the rise of a lupine’s eyes
Dark and round, they make her sigh

She whispers, he hears
Yes, with his raised ears

White as polished ivory
Fangs gleam with a wicked smilie

It’s another that she tries to see
Closer, closer, to ecstasy

Sheets slide along muscled thighs
Exposing his hard cocks rise

Down she goes
There she blows

A lick and flick
A bob and a dab

Stroke that honey
Spit on it shiny

Deep down the throat
Suck and pop like a cork

Ga, gag, gagging, makes her horny
Turns like a screw, sixty-nine, baby!

Going to town, her moan echoes
The woodsman follows

Enters with caution
Stares, watching

Room for a third?
Little Miss Red heard

What took you so long, jack!
Drop the hatchet and bring me that ax


~ I googled Miss Red to refresh my memory of her story. Just as I recalled. A sexual fantasy written for children. Below I found this passage on wikipidi whatever it’s called
Please read…..

Moral: Children, especially attractive, well bred young ladies, should never talk to strangers, for if they should do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf. I say “wolf,” but there are various kinds of wolves. There are also those who are charming, quiet, polite, unassuming, complacent, and sweet, who pursue young women at home and in the streets. And unfortunately, it is these gentle wolves who are the most dangerous ones of all.

๐Ÿ˜ฎ holy crap, right?
Hope you don’t mind I turned Red into a whore ๐Ÿ˜ˆโžฐ

The One

Rolling off the tongue, a savour-full pour
Wine rests in a glass, breathing the night air
A sip or two, to loosen lips that yearns to kiss
The one

A letter drawn, to rekindle a dying fire
The thoughts of; once upon a time invades
With moments of the past fading in
The one

A spinning home, lifting off the ground
Howling wind, torture to the ears
Hoping to land in a place called Oz to find
The one

Going down, the same road
Painted, somewhat gold
Strutting along in Docs, looking for
The one

Hide spread wide, under the sun to dry
Battered metal, scattered around rusting
Straw stuffed in a mattress, making it comfy for
The one

Silky hair, flowing down in curls that rest
Shoulders bare with a smile that says; come here
Ruby red shoes and a twinkle in the eyes of
The one

Lollipop boys fanning the air
Monkeys with wings, serving good fare
Little Dorothy, chained and serenading
The one

A cackling laugh with a screeching sound
The wicked witch of the west pronounced
By the wizard himself, to be
The one

Kneel, and begin to prove your affection
Her words, voiceless heard
As the urge in my head finally found
The one

The taste of willows bark and eye of newt
Musty scent of moss from under foot
The dark allure of
The one

To drink the brew that stews
Boiling cauldron, bubbles with passion
Dirty deeds done, to satisfy
The one

Over and over, fuck the rainbow
Give me the forest, covered by night
High in the castle, with
The one


The Wind ~ a collaboration

Sitting, prim and proper,
dreams that come alive in her head,
mixed by stories read from faerie-tale fables.
Through deep dark forests, the wind, sailing the seven seas.

Right there, at the blurred edge of reality,
distant whispers peak on crisp air,
the anchor of fluent quartz time
counts the grains of thrilling fantasy.

To conquer all within a stroke of breath
under the chiming bells of the citadel, lost
as the heart opens its wings, feathers splay
to open the unknown, locked from fear.

Forward lean, as the breeze lifts,
and hovers, caresses and under lashes peeks.
The present black and white contract,
setting the whole world acolored.

Eyes closed she snuffs all noises,
inhaling the visions that invade,
worth a purse of gold, angels made.
To be set free, in a world of make-believe.

A pounding heart, it beats at peace, a joy
winged and sealed with brooks’ laughter.
A mount’s peak, glistening with magic snow,
softly curved dunes of heat unspoken.

Faithfully await, the wind to blow,
carried on a carpetride through time.
Where a storybook princess yearns to soar,
so her dreams may come true.

She opens her eyes to a wide open sky,
In search of, delicious and luminous amusement.
The ravishing world, already in mind’s eye,
had brought again, her equilibrium’s inducement.

a collaboration, written by Dajena and Ax

Photo source here Fiktizia.Tumblr

Recently and I mean recently, I had the pleasure to become aquainted with Dajena’s poetry. For those who know, know this….those who don’t, please make your way over and visit the lovely stories told in the form of words creating art, painted in the mind and felt in the heart. Truly a gifted poet.

Please drop in on Dajena ~ at Moonskittles

Dajena, its been a short time knowing you but your words touch me at every turn, thank you for sharing yourself with us, thank you for sharing your words with me, here, priceless!

your friend

Mouse On The Moon

Below a sky that transforms from blue to black
Where the night twinkles with stars on track
Comes to gather and watch, tiny creatures
A glowing wheel, peppered with craters

Run, run, running to the edge of the earth
As it rises, a jump to grasp and capture it’s worth
Claws grab hold of ghostly air
Falls to the ground with a longing stare

Comrades laugh and tease their brethren fool
The moon is too high they say, such a stubborn mule
This cheese in the sky is for the gods
Not a frail mouse whose stacked against all odds

The little mouse twitched a nose and closed his eyes
His tail slowly curled, to dream in hushed lullabies
A tale of a magical ride that goes beyond reality
To where dreams are made of fantasy

With twigs, a lattice made, twined with angels hair
Step above another, reaching high with care
Clouds abound that holds in place
As he climbs above with a smile that lights his face

Mouse on the moon
A story to swoon
Filling a belly
Heaven in a cheese deli


A Moon’s Story

She sat listening, not making a sound
Listening, to the whispers of the moon
Telling tales of the lives he’s shared

Watching breaths, inhaled and released
Since the beginning of time with cries of sorrow and cheers
The joy, equally shed through tears

The first flame ever flickered at night
Under the care of his glowing light
A wheel that turns round, travelers discover their world by ground

Eyes that stare into space
A desire to fly with grace
She sat listening not making a sound

Every night she would be found
Listening to the songs as the moon sings
She longs

For the moon to one day
Sing of her story, her way
She sat listening and dreaming

Watching the moon glowing
One day her dream will come true
When the moon tells of her, to me and you