The Sun, The Love, The Dark, The Life

winters burn, leave this place
suns turn, to touch my face
caressed with a grace, creating anew
the life in flesh, it breathes into
fragile as it is, kiss my cheeks rosy red
I beg
sunlight of life, feed the way to blossoms bloom

valleys cut with streams and rivers
through meadows too, where nature floats
the mountain snows melt, cascading from above
it’s journey below, to quench the earth

the sun does shine but never bright enough
as you, the love that holds my life
darkness in the midst of night
when I see you, my eyes lay wide
open to take in
beauty and desire
that is my sin

the sun, my sun that warms
the love, my love in me swarms
the dark, my darkness is done
the life, my life is mine


The celebration of life for Josephs partner P was a beautiful gathering of family and friends. i got to visit with Joseph for a short time. i sat in his chair and breathed in his air, haha. a moment I will remember.
joseph held up ok. you can see the pain but I felt the love they had.

Im sitting at the ferrydocks in Nanaimo waiting to go home. wrote this with my dumbass phone. please forgive any errors. spelling. grammar. oh wait. its usually like that. never mind. its all good crap lol

love to all

You Bring the Dawn

Another brother from the east side of Canada way over On The Rock. 

His poems are striking.  Haikus to free verse.  Visit.  Follow his genius pen as it scribbles poetry every which way but always up with brilliance. 
You Bring the Dawn by FT Ledrew 01/18/16 when i see you my heart begins to rise, like the sun breaking the seal on a star-speckled night to reveal a glorious dawn *I took this picture on the way to work a few mornings ago. Β© 2016 FT Ledrew

Soul Loved

When moments arise however fleeting
The shine of the sun glows, when it shows it’s divine face
In throngs we cast ourselves in its grace

We call it’s name most dearly
Our beloved savior to a dreary day
Give us your light and show us the way

We curse as well when hearts ache
Towards the moon we drift, crying under its hood
Being lonely as only he really understood

When it’s time to go and go we will
Countless memories have been made in its light
As far back to the beginning of time and sight

Lets cherish this time, seasons in the sun
How many hearts have been stroked and buzzed
By the warmth of sun, that is soul loved


Memories ii

reflecting on the nights that passed
memories return from the past

embers glow, tobacco burns
deep is its fiery hue, it cools

the air taken in with a high
expelling breaths with a sigh

buzzing on a rise
heaven or hell, go for that ride

take it for a spin
it’s a win, win

a high plains drifter
spaghetti western shooter

fading into the setting sun
a silhouette of a man and horse on the run

leaving behind trouble
even the good kind

time comes to settle down
old bones start to rattle and hum

sitting every night
watching the light

at the days end, before the dark comes
where the fire in the sky plumbs

a line that spreads far and wide
reflecting memories, measured in stride

as the setting sun fades away
it reminds, tomorrow is another day


the reference to spaghetti western? as a boy i always wanted to do that. ride into the sun and leave everything behind. looking back, i actually did it. not on a horse but my own two feet. made it now to the place i can rest. no more running and hiding.

peace and love