No Tears In Space

What light does flicker, shadows dance with grace and glitter.
Thoughts of you consume, as lightning strikes, followed by a boom.
With a ghostly stare, I tremble in despair.
My heart silently weeps, over the sea as it creeps.
Waiting on for a reply, I continue on and try.
Calling out, for you to hear your name and stake my claim.
With hope I stand before all, through this bitter nightfall.
Strike after blasting strike, parading across the sky, warlike.
If you only knew, when distance strikes, I think of you.

No need to listen, for nothing is there.
The sound of lightning and thunder heard is in my head.
Lights that twinkle in the distance, naked and bare.
So far, too far, to even care.
Speak though I might, to no avail.
Alone I am in truth, as my sadness leaves a streaming trail.
Lifting off, drifting off, I begin to wail.
My lungs collapse, pale of face and crying, knowing I am dying.
Mother Mary full of grace,
not one,
naught one,
no tears in space.


It’s In These Eyes, Eyes That Sweep

Its In These Eyes, Eyes That Sweep
The days that beat,
like the sun that burns the flesh so sweet, 
with rays of heat that melt 
skin deep.
The afternoon delights
secretly spied
from a lonely park bench 
carving a dream 
The night in peace, 
patching the souls grief
with a song the moon sings,
while hanging low before to weep 
The sight of love,
that fills the gaps in life,
where pictures arrive, 
inside the minds keep
All the hate that drags,
inside a sorrow that pulls,
when all is cast in the net of thought,
an endless night of no sleep.
The night sky black as coal,
the blue it feels rains teardrops 
with millions of lonely stars,
seeing grins and reaping grim. 
Lost in a world of plethora 
to see, to feel, to discover 
it’s in these eyes,
eyes that sweep.
a duet
What a pleasure to be in company with such an amazing writer and poet.   Talent that needs no introduction but if by chance you are not familiar with SG, follow the link SouldierGirl
SG, thank you, I am humbled by your friendship and I adore the Wordslinger that you are.