in a moment of thanks

My eyes look out amazed, at a sight that truly is phenomenal
With earth beneath my feet, giving balance to my soul, I am humbled
The trembles that vibrate, through my limbs from the ground that bears life
The air that I breathe filling my lungs cool, crystal clear
Creating the sighs that I moan from living in this world
The pain that I’ve suffered through the years, shedding so many tears
All wiped, when I see the beauty that beholds me dear
The sounds of the oceans as it creeps upon the shore
Seagulls in the distance diving for a meal, blessed by Poseidon
The sun setting on the horizon bidding goodnight with its sweet warm kiss
Leaving trails of its lips across the sky in fiery colours that entice the eyes
Left to cry, in a moment of thanks, for being alive


Soggy Bouquet 

Stood in the pouring rain
Waiting for the pain to wash away
With every drop it sizzles the heat
Like an iron grate, over coals, red, aflame

His head begins to roll
Rotating scrolls with words
A message lit up one day
To meet, for a date with destiny

One turned to two, it became three
With each, that passes by, the next
Is not, very far, ahead
The speed it comes up, is unforgiving

As soon as it arrives, it begins to leave
Like the breeze that comes and goes
Carry’s with it, the smells of memories
Made by a life, sowed with seeds of love

Years of youth, worn with smiles
The longing continues as time becomes grey
A journey that created a legacy
Between the souls leaving a history

As sure as there is birth, comes death
At times, it calls ahead
Aches and pains that never go away
Living in misery, absorbing its rays

Making the most of the time to come
Standing by, a humble nurse maid
Holding on, to a love that grew
From that day, they met, on a bench

Death always wins
But its most painful sin
Is not taking a life
It’s leaving one behind


In Sync

how I love thee
let me count
not the times nor places that set us free
but the silent moments embraced when breaths
rise and fall in sync

how I love thee
let me count
not the times nor places that we’ve seen
but the silent moments shared when tears
rise and fall in sync

how I love thee
let me count
not the times nor places that pressed our lips
but the silent moments taken when kisses
rise and fall in sync

how I love thee
let me count
not the times nor places where we live
but the silent moments filled when sun and moon
rise and fall in sync

how I love thee
let me count
all the times and places where we loved
in those silent moments placing stars for each
near and far in sync


wanted to share my new tattoo, its still fresh and healing.
Being here on wp with all of you has been a wonderful experience, one i hope to continue sharing. This is Post 500 dedicated to You. my friends.
I also share on Tumblr, this too, is for those who inspire me there.


Homage to EBB…a genius mind

Walk Humbly

Friday Shout Out
To all going about
In all your hectic lives
Pausing now and then to breathe
As you do, and by chance you read
This message of thanks for dropping by
Am still flying private, it feels better this way
With you 25 poets and artists who are friends
Just wanted to thank you for sharing your talents
I Love Reading You


thank, You

Blue sky’s as far as the eyes see
Shades in different hues
Planet earth
Playing with chemistry
A science in the hands of God
The third rock, from the sun
Rotating like the others
Except we have life
The days are the same in time
Day after day
The connectedness of every molecule
Creates an ever changing motion
thank, You
For the winds that we can not see
But we feel it’s breath, shoot from your lips
To touch our skin
thank, You
For the Suns embrace that warms in grace
Leaving the kisses that tan golden brown
Knowing your hugs are real
thank, You
For the clouds that roll by
When you’ve been a little pissed at our behavior
It shows you care, with loving discipline
thank, You
For the sea and its waving beauty
It calls my name every now and then
It’s home, the place of final rest
thank, You
for You