(_______) ~ insert your name here

Dear (_______)

I pray this letter finds you well, I am inspired by what you’re up to over there. Flashing works of art through music, poetry, songs and crafts. Every scroll passing by, every stop made, made me feel. I smiled, I laughed, I tapped, I adored, I loved and I cried…

Inspiration comes from senses
Drowning in a sea filled with passion
Spawning life as Darwin imagined
Crafting art to songs and palms
Kneading clay to shape a goddess
Writing words that spark knowledge
Investing in the mind to flourish
Falling in love with a poets sadness
Wish he could sing you a song
It would be short not long
But it would tell you how I feel
In just a few silly words for thee


Merci beaucoup, grazie tanti per la vostra visita, every visit and tap of a like is a gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

dedicated to you, friends who take the time to visit. i know time is a killer. truly love and am humbled by you. wishes for the best in life. antony