Dreams From Thin Air ~ the end ~ CDXCIII / D

A time that was, careless and free
Pain was an adventure in discovery
Climbing trees, darting cars
Stitches mend, leaving scars

Spinning grooves, getting high
Dreaming of Jeanie in a bikini
“Yes Master, as you wish”
Man, that Tony, he had bliss!

Make-believe on a TV screen
Somehow we believed it’s real
Having dreams of a faraway place
Exploring galaxies, Lost in Space

Back to the beginning of Suns
The vibe of a poets song sung
Embrace me now I beg of thee
Rip me out from this misery

Venture out into the world that’s real
Not in a box whose message is pay to feel
Trapped in a tube, looping underground trails
Where silence wails from metal grinding rails

Fantasy wins over reality when fear leads
Like a zombie on a subway, under streets
Where no one knows your name or cares
Just getting by on dreams from thin air


The End

Yesteryear moments of joy in play
Colorful children around the world pray
Brothers, Sisters, of every shade
Strangers meeting strangers
Bonds in friendship neighbors
Some become soulmate lovers
Rolling with the wave of the sea
Climbing up top mountains to see
The beauty that surrounds you and me
Free speech, the right of everybody
To live in peace, love and harmony
Not to spew volcanic misery
The genesis of life now is to survive
Living in a world trying to stay alive
Once upon a time it was to multiply