Her and the Sea

Her and the Sea i

Keep your head down
See nothing but the ground

Take a step towards time
Find what you love and fly

Make haste
Don’t waste

There is a world to see
Mine, misses her the sea



Her and the Sea ii

I adore your crashing sounds
It comes and goes, up and down

The scent you bring as your waves appear
Filling a willing, that she would be here

If the Sea is a wonder because of its depth
She is my muse who has condemned me to death

You see Mr Sea, she like thee, draws me in
I would drown in your abyss, happily for one sin


The Sea, The Earth


She came from the sea
To find love, under the stars
Her dream, floats among the clouds
Waiting, for a spark to burst

She came from the sea
As the day falls, to nights call
In prose of poetry’s song
Feels at home, inside her heart

She came from the sea
A will and desire to be
Taken by the breath of lust
For all that is, this night must

She came from the sea
Night after night, after night
Gazing at the sky, light up
One wish, one star, shining bright

She came from the sea
Lost below the rolling waves
Her dream, finally revealed
Where found, her destiny’s star

She came from the sea
With passion flowing wet
It sprinkles the flesh
To mingle with sweat


He came from the earth
The Sun, beating down
Hot as a hearths crest
Dried and frail as a birds nest

He came from the earth
Yet strong to withstand the winds blast
Inhaling the air, in search of a sign
That would trigger a love, at last

He came from the earth
Growing long and strong
Burned to ashes leaving scars
No more than a standing 8 count

He came from the earth
Rising in time, to flourish again
Because he can
Waits for the day, comes rain

He came from the earth
Fed by her liquid fuel
To quench a thirst forgotten
Replenish a world begotten

She came from the sea
He came from the earth
Together they battle in unity
When one trembles the other soothes


hi friends. its been a tough week. 92 fucking hours. havent worked this much since….never worked this much. OMFG, im turning into a conformist. kill me now.
forgive my absence in voice. will catch up soon. love you 🙏➰❤️