Where Are You Now

Dear God
Abused and used
Left soiled in a puddle
Oblivious to being mistreated

Hunger is the norm
Cupboards lay bare
A child like this?

Risen from dust
Your image reflected
Eden, closes
A millennium passes

Time after time
Birth, rebirth
Earth turns
Disease runs rampant

Holy is the Ghost
The spirit of trinity
Miracles in books
Your Son committed

Salvation forgotten
A planet begotten
Alone to fend
And mend

A blast from Your nostrils
Once parted a path
Your children followed
In praise of Thee hallowed

Where are You now
Your world still parted
Playing in another galaxy?
Far, far away


A New Domaine

When I dream about another time,
I dream of a place far off, where magic fills the air.

Pixie dust is spread and scattered,
falling down as rain, tickles pain to fade.

Forgetting for awhile, the world outside,
where a lost boy, can hide.

Soaked to the bone, the hurt is still there,
after all, magic is the illusion that comes with despair.

Mushrooms grow on a bed of moss,
picked and tossed, chewed to the memory of loss.

A journey through a deep dark forest, intrigues,
as wolves, goblins and witches appear.

A battle fought between good and evil,
to control the power of the holy cathedral.

Ruled under man since the beginning of his creation,
steeling the essence of gods foundation.

Denounced the right of Eden as was given,
by temptation, man stabbed the heart of the Holy Spirit.

Demons will rise from the dark, time and time,
this world will never heal, until the end of mans reign.

Only then, will the crow, crow to announce,
the beginning of a new domaine.


The Measure of a Knife

Never, a tree seen
Limbs that stretch across the sky
Whose beauty compares to you

Sprouting flowers bloom
Through butterfly filled meadows
Their dance, dulls in your shine

Running rivers that gurgle
It’s peaceful song in nature
Stills, to your flowing lines

At night the stars come out
They twinkle bright like diamonds
Cut, by your razor, sharp, edge

Choir songs sung in cathedrals
Heavens harps rise in crescendo
As you glide, across, the flesh

Angels appear in the horizon
Demons crawling from below
But you, are the object of my desire

Held in hand a soulmates fit
Perfect balance, between good and evil
My love for you, everlasting, is

Stroke for stroke, caressed
Embraced by your cold, hot, steel
Until death, do we part

Where in an infinite dream
Become my tongue

Slashing words that pierce
With a penetrating hook
Thoughts exploding in my head

Speaking up and out
Where truth is
The Measure of a Knife


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Dedicated to everyone I’ve ever collaboratd with.
This is for you. Thank you for playing.

Love to all who read, liked and commented. Truly appreciated.
I hope to play some more, if anyone interested. espceically with those ive yet to have the honour to write with. wanna play? come say hey!

sweet weekend to all, peace πŸ™β€οΈ


v / Β Thoughts…Exploding In My Head

When words flow, when ink never ends
Pages seem to fill on their own
How I love thee, let me count the ways…
With every thought from heart written down
Wherefore art thou, O’lady mine that hast conquered my soul…
With each whispered breath, reciting poems, meant for thee
Days on days, sit with pen on parchment, held with fear
May come that dreadful day, no one will ever read nor hear
Manuscripts piled high, pages bound and loose
Stained with coffee drips and ashes burnt
Titleless and nameless, dates serve no purpose
For these words sewn will fade in time by age
Possessed am I, fingers black and blue
The result of squeezing life from my pen, it’s true
For who am I, if not a dreamer, dreaming
I am but a lifeless beast without a heart beating
The saddest poem is
The one never held
The saddest poem is
The one never read
The saddest poem is
The one never written

iv / Thoughts…Exploding In My Head

Through narrow streets
Releasing fuming bile
Words spoken in hurtful tongue
Swords in a duel
Like thrusting
Taking bits of life with each
Eye to eye, burning red
Lips that sour words, loudly said
Hearing the pain that breaks the heart
Two to tango in this ring of fire
Tearing the seams, pulling apart
Anger fuels the pace
Distance carries away
Left without a trace
Time, tick tocks, tick tocks
Cools this cock
Was it worth the fight?
Without a bell to claim an end
No winner, never is
Between two vowed to each other
The street sounds mellow
Passing cars to cooing birds
Streetmeat vendors grilling
Missing the company
The one left crying

Drop a coin, make a call
Straight to voicemail
Hi, it’s me…
Sorry I left so abruptly
You deserve so much more
Than my selfish need to be alone
Baby, I hate when we fight
Just isn’t right
Am walking the streets with a stupid frown
Wish you were here with me
It would turn this frown around
Baby, you there, please pickup the phone

A click, a clack
You said hello…your voice brought me back
It watered my heart
Bloomed like a flower
Coloured the sky a beautiful blue
It was spring in that booth
The air fill my lungs with a sigh
It made me high
Baby, please forgive me
I didn’t mean what I said
Got caught up, you know what I mean
I’m coming home to work this out
If it takes all night
I just need you more than you know
I hope you do, though
See you soon
I love you…