Tell Me, little girl Β ~ Β a duetΒ 

Is My little girl ready to play
Shush, that was not a question
Sit in your chair across from Mine
Spreads your legs and look into My eyes
Use your fingers to pet…you’re already wet
Moist and swollen, glistening lips
I see you’ve been playing without Me
What is that called?
Tell Me, little girl.

Sir, it’s called lack of attention and
Sweet affection. It’s called your work
Is important and while I understand,
Yet I’m left with the remnants of your time
It’s called I need you to be here with me
To connect with me, fully
I have too much energy to keep bottled up
It is my desire to share it with you

Building trust is the foundation of love
The way we behave and feel to speak of
But control is in My hands, not yours
Show Me how you pleasured yourself
Start off slow and work it up
Dig down deep, let juices weep
To release, letting it flow
Now Stop, how does that feel?
Tell Me, little girl.

It feels like a path I’ve traced
in searching, longing, waiting
It feels like a deep aching
longing to be fulfilled by you
It feels like a wildfire that threatens to
consume me, you, this chair, this room
Touching myself keeps my fire at bay
while you are away at work or play

The distance W/we have has a line
It’s cord woven in trust to hold
The bond W/we have as one
If you let go of an end
To give yourself freedom
Is freedom alone the idea of love?
Can two survive if one drifts off?
Would you be happier without Me?
Tell Me, little girl.

no, Sir, not happier without you
no, Sir, I don’t want us to part
Yet, there are deep needs for
my beast within to be fed
Trust me, it’s best to keep her
Hunger at bay lest she wander
Seeking relief during night & day
I hope you agree, without delay

The thought of you alone has Me bound
Off to face real life struggles found
Outside of a place I yearn to be
The thought of you playing free without Me
Drives insane, My mental state
All around, all I see, is you
The thought of you, unbound
What would it mean to be free?
Tell Me, little girl.

Sir, I do not wish to be free of you
While you are gone, my life is so plain
Your work, your play take you away all day
Chores, children, need my attention, oft a bore
My relief, respite, my freedom from boredom
Is to think of you and what you will do
When you finally return home to me
Some days you retire, too tired for my needs
Some days it is just better for me to take care of me.

to be continued…

written by ~ Tiffany & Ax

The pleasure once again is mine. Another collaboration with the talented and lovely Tiffany at SexShadows
Please visit her and enjoy her sensuous stories and poems. Mixed in you’ll find a place you can feel at ease, as you absorb her offerings. Truly a gift from a lovely heart.

Thank you Tiffany, so much for this honour πŸ™β€οΈ

Starseeds (a duet): part iii ~ double acrostic

Serendipity unites, two seeds seeking greatnesS
The desire stirring, lonely hearts kept aparT
Arresting thoughts, to banish this enigmA
Rising and soaring togetheR
Sewing time, stitching bringS
Each to each other now in embracE
Earth-born, releasing their cosmic guisE
Darkness shed, no longer does it dreaD
Starseeds finally touch, face to face in blisS

double acrostic written by
Tiffany and Ax

The third installment to the Starseeds series.
A collaboration that has taken me on a spiritual ride with the talented and lovely Tiffany from Tiffany Being Free