starseeds v finale: a duet

I cannot tell you all how pleased I am with this series and working with Tiffany. Not only is she an amazing poetess, she has a wonderful soul and heart.

Thank you Tiffany xxx

unfiltered from the heart

Etheric feelings; sweet mist, hearts melded, together floating downwards
through clouds of shared passion and bliss.
Intimacy sealed through lovers’ kiss,
how to deal with the depth of all this?


I am found in you as a flickering flame
that glows without, explanation or game.
The embers that my heart holds,
are lit by your loving embrace the same,
as two becomes one on a lighted stage.


At home together, bound yet free,
the two as one thrive to see.
The storms we know will all pass,
as one with sun, stars and moon,
that it would guide our compass true.


Two seeds, finally found at last,
it breathes anew a breath of life.
In sync where two of our kind,
beats to a drum that fills the mind,
two hearts in love finally found.


Struck by a chord to rise above the crowd,
never alone…

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Starseeds  (a duet): part ii 

His letters penned, with quill dipped in his blood
On parchment found, his voice, calling out loud
A fellow starseed, lost within the crowd
Yearning for a life sign, a sprouting bud
Slowly emerging; clearing away mud
Echoes in time; far away places laud
Calls from a distance the horizon heard
Reaching, growing, towards her voice to hold

Misery begets, from birth, to hide from loss
A place not home, tis true, the mind forgot
But for the silence of a bridge to cross
Sins’ weigh heavy from whom he was begot
Once releasing the weight of all their dross
Freeing him to fly, time to claim his lot

written in colaboration by
Tiffany and Ax


Tiffany, thank you for your trust in using a sonnet for part ii, you said it was out of your comfort zone, it was also out of mine. This is my first sonnet and I got to share it with you. Looking forward to part iii 

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Here To Read  ~  Starseeds (a duet): part i  

The following video enlightened my inner being, I personally have checked off many of the charateristics shared here and I truly believe I have been found. If you care to, please watch the video with an open mind.
starseed characteristics ~ Anna Starseed


Our Lady Peace ~ Starseed

The Very Thing I Want Scares Me

A touch of Tiffany’s talent. If you haven’t visited her blog please do. Follow and enjoy her extraordinary world.

unfiltered from the heart

The very thing I want,
to me is so fucking scary.

To breathe life into something that is bigger than me.
To be valued &to value someone that is True.
To be truly held &to hold truly.
To be told & to tell Him there is more to do to be better; yet to be Loved and to Love for who We are right now; today; in this moment.

To be held & to hold within sacred heart spaces; Our most protected places.
To be naked before Him & to see His matched vulnerability; yet each to be venerated for it.
To be treasured and to treasure the very things for which We were previously shunned.
To be fully trusted & to fully trust.
To be desiredfor & to desirefor a special man; one matched & balanced flame. No shame, no blame.

These desires bring flowing tears to my eyes.

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Woman v/v: At Home Again

My gratitude Tiffany is yours

unfiltered from the heart

Woman v/v
by Ax

Beneath a canopy symbolic of my heart,
held to breast, the beating sound pounds,
as life from within seeping across holds dear,
the woman in my dream so near.

Side by side to walk and run under moon or sun,
through rain or shine her comfort is mine,
where she will find a place provided,
in my care undivided.

In the presence of life outside our castle,
would be the essence of a devoted couple,
lead by my courage to protect,
showing all her worth of my respect.

Behind closed doors in a humble abode,
stripped of rags that hang off flesh and bone,
exposing the desire of two hearts that are free,
melting into a blissful menage a vie.

A woman, a mother, a lover, mates the soul,
when restraints are placed to submit in whole,
collared in leather snapping the lock closed,
allowing her…

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Woman iv/v by Ax: In Living Colour

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unfiltered from the heart

Woman iv/v
by Ax

I can see your colours that fill,
every inch that is naked from a soul,
that feels the essence of being a woman,
wanted by another in a need to hold.

I can see the colours swirling over flesh,
drawing a mystery over time expressed,
taking the challenge to impress,
reading the truths with honour and respect.

I can see more colours that comes from inside,
where the deepest secrets reside,
harbored safe from hurtful eyes,
saved for the grace of a pure hearts cry.


Chronologically, this is the first of the Woman v series that I read and became the impetus for my review of this series. Ax, thank you, again for this unique experience!

The four-line stanzastructure remains from i-iii, still witha freer appearance that began in iii. Each stanza begins with the poet describing what he can see in his Goddess from…

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