Smaller Than Time ~ a collaboration

I am
Smaller than time
Every tick of the clock
Is a moment lost
When another, I Love You, passes by
How tragic a life is
Ever so, but, if it would, only capture

A photograph in memory
Sweet lips, deep soulful eyes
A feeling of want
To taste, to see

To touch the graceful
Curves and dips defining
A timeless adoration
To know, to feel

The hold, held tight
Beating hearts as one
Every grain of sand that falls
To the sound of loves sweeping hand

Swept away by time’s
refusal to bend for chance
Precious moments now hang
In the museum of my mind

Where walls through halls are adorned
With generations of past lovers
The likes of Romeo and Juliet
Even in death, true love has no regret

Eternity the home of lovers
Forged in the fires of history
Freed from the hourglass
To endure, to inspire

Yet as these hours flow into days
My life now measured in minutes
I watch as the hands of fate
Sweep past my longing
Reminding me that indeed
Smaller than time
am I

Written by
Rita and Ax

I have been blessed again to be given a gift. To collaborate with a Lady who cannot be measured by anything other than her own striking voice, as can be seen here…see the link…now click and enjoy her beauty.  Come on…do it.
Oeuvre & Out by Rita

Rita, dear Rita, you are the strength behind this piece. You flowed with precision and grace. Your final two stanzas, nailed it. Friends, I may have started this poem but Rita closed it and I’m sure you will adore her other writings. I do!!

Thank you Rita, for your friendship, support but most of all, for knocking my socks off.  My toes are getting chilly

A Soldiers Letter

Dearest Mine
As you read this letter hold your hand
Pressed to breast
Feel the beat of your heart pound
Allow it to soak and fill with sound
Of a love that travels through space
Inked onto paper
Scribed from a longing vapor
That would, to unite, if time would grant
One last chance

A day in the meadow by a stream
Reciting poems written by sages
The likes of Aristotle and Plato
Minstral songs to dance
Stealing my fair maidens kiss
Under a full moon glow
As stars fill the sky
Reality comes to life

Flameing arrows that arch from above
Piercing the armour of charging soldiers
Striking down fathers, husbands and sons
A sensless battle, all in the name of greed
Stained over the plains
By souls left to wither and bleed

Days that turn to months and years
Hunger for an end, is no where near
With each death comes replaced by another beating heart
Where time will cease, once again

I dream of that meadow
Where I would rather be


Flower Art and Photo Artist Here
Anna Remarchuk

A Time For Confession

a time for reflection, when hearts lay heavy
a time for direction, from ill words spoken
a time for protection, to hold love dearly
a time for affection, to mend hearts broken
a time for connection, to rekindle desire
a time for perfection, in acceptance of two
a time for infection, a mingling of fire
a time for correction, to what is askew
a time for dissection, stripping it down
a time for eruption, stroked to feel hot
a time for consumption, curls up a frown
a time for resurrection, without love one cannot
a time for seduction, fueled by spells and charms
a time for erection, an instrument of lust
a time for collection, embraced in each-others arms
a time for inception, in unity a must