A Tragedy

* noun:   drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance; excites terror or pity
* noun:   an event resulting in great loss and misfortune

A Tragedy

When a seed is ignited, receiving a gift of life
It sprouts from a drop of rain or semens rush
A cycle from birth, to live and die with pride
The purpose, to sustain the reason we’re all alive
Plants and trees of every kind, some tall some underground
Herds that roam on hoofs or those that live alone
Feathered wings that soar, dip and dive
Fins and tails that swim, dart and glide
Comes to wonder, how is this all to be
When man was given a brain to think and see
Can reach within, to a heart with a soul
Yet forgets, we are all part of the whole
Life is a right, created by this planet Earth
From the first seed that began mans birth
Hairless and colourless we are all the same
Man and Woman, born without shame
A destiny, when fate takes a life
A tragedy, when taken in strife



Blessed I would be,
to take but a single breath of my Juliet,
my sweet Juliet.

Her angel eyes shed,
the purest of tears,
their taste blends in both bitters
and the sweetest nectar.

A sword I would carry unsheathed,
at the ready,
to fight for the honor of my maidens hand,
and yes, to the death,
for what is love,
if not to die for a love given.

My Juliet, my sweet Juliet,
a flower that blooms through every season,
when colours change,
beauty is Juliet,
always my Juliet.

In autumns harvest,
fields cut short to the ground,
bare it lays dreaming through winters freeze,
but not my Juliet.

Her blossom holds true,
to stand above,
a blanket of white,
in faith we hold,
for an early spring,
for we know it will arrive,
the hope is the warmth of wishes made.

Not the sun,
not the moon
and not the stars,
that count all the times,
I Love You was said.

For it would,
encompass all the galaxies combined,
to muster a portion of the shine,
that is drawn from my eyes,
when they meet my Juliet,
my sweet Juliet.

Alas, the tragedy…

Where two are forever parted,
by walls built,
to keep apart.

Come my Juliet,
my sweet Juliet,
come to me, come,
for I shall wait where there exists nothing but love.

My lips crave,
the taste of you,
as death passes over,
into a swallow,
that it may set free,
this hardening heart,
that cannot live,
without you.

Come my Juliet,
my sweet Juliet,
come to me.


inspired by Romeo and Juliet ~ William Shakespeare