If I Could Fly

If I could fly, not across the sky
That would be ridiculous
But if I could, it would be with my heart
Every beat would soar, blocking out the sun
Wings flapping, so you could hear it flutter
Screeching, squawking, on a skate board weaving
Rise and fall along hilly avenues
The wind, through my hair blowing with attitude
Scrape the curb, getting air, letting go
Too many times, fallen on my ass
But I can fly, on my board feeling high
Kamakazi spitfire rolling down the road
Ride the line that divides
Down highway number 9

If I could fly, not across the sky
That would be ridiculous
But if I could, it would be with my soul
Every feeling would burn with emotion
For love and compassion
Long board drifting out to sea
Where swales turn to waves
The sky, crystal blue or tempest black
When the perfect wave comes in
It compels me to stand and attack
As I ride the swirl, the ocean screams
Kowabunga, surfing spins, speeding fins
Creeping up the spine, a 10 foot wall
The nudge to cut, into the coming curl

If I could fly, not across the sky
That would be ridiculous
But if I could, it would be with my spirit
Every smile would be returned
Many given with the purest of intentions
Stride in the step, merrily-go-lucky
Parks and city streets, a walk in the dark
Taking in the beauty that surrounds with sounds
Voices talking, children playing
Cats chasing birds, flying
Staring at a couple, staring at each other
Blocking out the world, falling in love
Drawing in the moment, lips meet as one
Wings open to try and fly



cherry blossoms
rain drops gently touching the face
it melds with the tears washing them away
the pain that has sat sated now breathes again
coming forward at a moment’s glance
it drives up from within seeking air to fill
reminding of how precious it all is
pain is not the end
in ways it’s a beginning
at looking around
to see
to feel
to find
a freedom inside
like springs cherry blossoms
blooming like pink cotton candy
the time will come for them all to fall
like gentle rain
from it’s budding birth
when its flowing bloom
falls from grace
its perfect
just the way it is

my own photo used

Mouse On The Moon

Below a sky that transforms from blue to black
Where the night twinkles with stars on track
Comes to gather and watch, tiny creatures
A glowing wheel, peppered with craters

Run, run, running to the edge of the earth
As it rises, a jump to grasp and capture it’s worth
Claws grab hold of ghostly air
Falls to the ground with a longing stare

Comrades laugh and tease their brethren fool
The moon is too high they say, such a stubborn mule
This cheese in the sky is for the gods
Not a frail mouse whose stacked against all odds

The little mouse twitched a nose and closed his eyes
His tail slowly curled, to dream in hushed lullabies
A tale of a magical ride that goes beyond reality
To where dreams are made of fantasy

With twigs, a lattice made, twined with angels hair
Step above another, reaching high with care
Clouds abound that holds in place
As he climbs above with a smile that lights his face

Mouse on the moon
A story to swoon
Filling a belly
Heaven in a cheese deli