Through Time And Space, We Exist ~ (4 ~ collaboration)

We always try to count our blessings
Take a stroll on the sunny side of the street
Meet, greet, smiles shuffling to a beat
Stop by a cart, pickup some street-meat
Sauerkraut and onions zipped with ketchup
Lounging in a bun, toasted by the sun
Break it apart, give half to a bum
It isn’t much, it might be all one can sum up
Through time and space, we exist
We do, we surely fucking do

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste
Why waste
Why waste

Children ignored for a phone’s digital charm
Desperate for play, to interact with someone
Perhaps dig in sand, fly a kite over sea
Or play a marathon game of Monopoly
Face-to-face with a smile, they gently ask
It takes nothing to set down our screens
Yet, when we say let’s play…it means everything
Through time and space, we exist
Nurturing these youth of ours
Will change Earth’s energy

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste life on technology
Why waste
Why waste

People hurting in all walks of life
It takes nothing at all to be kind
A smile, a hug, even virtually
Can make such a difference to see
We can’t all reach for money
But we can all find other ways to be
The bright spot in someone’s sorrow
The way to their happy tomorrow
Through time and space, we exist
To connect is something that we all wish

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste life on technology
Why waste our hearts in solitary
Why waste

It’s better to give than to take, or so they say
Those who haven’t really had hard times
Wandering and wondering where to stay
Spoiled rotten they look away to their screens
Tuck their children in bed after being fed
Airing it on social media for it to be read
“Look at me,” and all that I’ve done for society
When the reality is it’s only for notoriety
Through time and space, we exist
Together yet separately, this can’t persist

Why waste energy on misery
Why waste life on technology
Why waste our hearts in solitary
Why waste our very existence

Written by PoetGirlEm ~ VictoryInTrouble ~ Wetbliss ~ AntönyRös

I’m fucking high right now. Both spiritually and physically.
Physically cuz, I just smoked a fatty 😋💨
Spiritually, because of the experience of sharing with another soul.
In this case, three beautiful souls.

(stanza 2) Miss Emily from, PoetGirlEmyou know her. She writes beautifully, she sings whimsically, she plays that thingy that she has to squeezy And, she is the inventor of the IBoard Desk. I kid you not. Check out her site. You’ll see it. And when there, surf through and you know, feel the jam. Shes cool, super cool. I promise you.

(stanza 3) Miss Vic from, VictoryInTroubleyes, her table is set and it’s covered end to end. A mix, a buffet of so many stunning words that you will surely find many that will stir the heart fancy. Go, go now and see….you’ll see the brilliance of her poetry and feel each line creep into your body, shake, rattle and roll

(stanza 4) Miss Wetbliss, from Wetbliss my bucketlist partner. Remember now, I’m high.
Sultry, steamy, sensually stimulating, she sins with her words. Beware, reading this sirens poetry will cause temporary blindness that erupts with colours of sex that only dreams can make up but leaves a wish for it to be real. Go visit! Now!

Ladies, thank you 🙏➰❤️

King and Queen of Hearts ~ a duet

Saturday night poker and the stakes are high
It’s a winner take all in a two card draw
Face to face as stern as the King and Queen are
Dressed to impress for the boudoir
The butler shuffles the cards
Hands out 5, all facing down
The King using one to shovel up his
The Queen lets them stay where they are

She shows a brief smile, the King catches on
No need to look, that’s not how she plays
She’s never been scared of a wager
Win or lose, she pays it no matter
She knows by the end of this seething night
They will both be writhing in pleasure
The only thought is to who is on top
The Queen winks and places her dare

The king’s left breathless, his heart beating fast
She didn’t look, how can he analyze her mood?
If she won’t show her tell or is she bluffing
She opens with a whip, he counters with his cane
They both now know, this is no game
“How many cards my queen?” he says
“None my king, I’ll play with these.”
A cough sneeks out, with a shake, his head blurred

He takes 2 cards, the next bet is hers
She still doesn’t peek, and that has him unnerved
He fumbles with his cards but lays them down
When upon the table, a length of rope is thrown
His breath rushes out, his desire flares
To feel the scratch of rough fibers biting his skin
It’s a game she knows he loves and hates to win
Now it’s up to him, bet or fold?

Should he let her have him, do as he’s told?
She hasn’t looked, not once, very bold
Staring at three kings in his hand
He places her favourite strap-on, on the table
She raises her eyes, the light creates a fire
Her fingers inch towards her cards
Should she peek before calling her bet?
The one thing he’s been after to get

She whispers a name that arouses the King
He’s in town, maybe just for the night
“He said he wants to play, my dear.”
The King suppresses a shudder
His mind crawls with unending pleasure
He almost misses the nudge of the Queen
It’s now time to pony up or drop out
One more look and he throws his cards down

“I’m out! Let’s see what you got!”
“My King, when you fold, you give up the right.”
“The sceptre is yours, my Queen, am humbled to serve.”
He strips to flesh and wraps a leather kilt
He twitches, as the Queen attaches nipple clamps
She licks his face and purrs in his ear
A feline roar escapes her breath saying
You are my bitch tonight

She leads the way to a waiting chamber
Picks up her whip as she goes
The King’s eyes sparkle with lust
He gives it as good as he gets
Tonight, the crown belongs to the Queen
He’ll submit to her every request
And now with another man to play
They will both be down on their knees

Side by side their burning scent rises
Manly odour filling nostrils
Semen oozes a trickle that upsets
The Queen is not pleased with her pets
Side by side, doggie down
Arms stretched out in front
A crack of the whip, splits the air between
It sparks to ignite her fiery reign

Painted in lines, highlighting her wrath
Both men shiver in wicked delight
Pain is their ultimate pleasure tonight
After ten stripes, she rolls them over
They lock eyes and exchange heated glances
Each one lingering on hard, dripping places
The Queen smiles as she sees their reaction
“Clean him up!” she directs, “Use your tongue!”

Pointing to her King while the Queen grabs a toy
The king pushes the man down on his back
Running his tongue up, from this scrumptious sack
The tongue swirls round head, a finger in his ass
The man sees his Queen with a strap-on, on
She says a word, the busy king moans a yes
The scent of lubrication an aphrodisiacs seduction
Tip of the cock, lays ready by the rim, The Queen pushes in

The King groans in rippling pleasure
As inch by inch, he is impaled
His eyes roll back, now full at both ends
Moans muffled by the cock in his mouth
He sucks as the Queen fucks his ass
Unrelenting, long slow strokes
Mimicked by his lips and tongue
He aches to come but needs the consent of the Queen

All pistons pumping, the Queen wraps around
To grasp the Kings swollen sceptre
Gaping hole, his mouth dripping sex
With each stroke the Queen strikes
The edge comes to life as if the sun rose high
And commands their release at once
A trifecta that would please Her Grace
As she spreads her legs with a take me face

She pulls the King to her mouth, pushes the other one down
With sex on his breath, the King whispers his love
He drinks in her cries from the other’s masterful tongue
His turn now, with his own swollen crown
To claim back the Queen for his kingdom
Their bodies join, no match for their hearts
Her fingers clutch, she rides rivers of lust
And screams out his name when she comes

a collaboration ~ written by ~ VictoryInTrouble & Ax

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This collaboration was a fun one, hot damn, yes it was….

another duet ha! i made a comment that I’ve become a duet slut, the reply was, you are not a slut, you’re a cheap whore BaHahaha……..fucking awesome 🙏

Vic, thank you for writing with me. Got to play poker, tease and scheme and the Queen came up on top, but like you said, in the end, everyone is happy 😜
and speaking of, love your ending here.

Friends, please visit Vic at VictoryInTrouble
surf through, you will find a treasure.