Are You Ready?

He sits across his lady
She stares into his eyes
She wants him badly
Badly enough to cry
He smiles
She sighs
He whispers…

I will devour you
Caress every inch of flesh
Taste the sweet sweat that pours from your skin
Untangle your limbs to open wide
Invade every crevice with lust
Fill every portal with love
Pull your hair
Bruise with kisses
Mark with bites
Weigh you down with every thrust



I see you biting your lip
Rocking in your chair
I can smell you filling the air
Stop your fidgeting
Or I wont come there
Where you will sit listening
To every word I say
And absorb the heat
That my breath sends your way
Words that you hear
Igniting the images in your head
Driving mad
Thoughts evolving
From gentle touching
To full on fucking

Here I sit
Teasing you with words
Brush strokes that coat a canvass of flesh
Tingling with little girl delight
At the thought of making passionate love
All through the night

He sits across his lady
She stares into his eyes
She wants him badly
Badly enough to cry
He smiles
She sighs
He whispers…

Are you ready?


Recapture Her Heart

She held herself with grace,
spinning loosely with a glow upon her face.
An ease of mind,
and a heart, a heart so kind.
Giving her love, the only way she knew how,
with all that she is, was, her vow.

No silver platter, no silver spoon,
she worked hard with a cheerful tune.
A pillar for him, standing by his side
through ups and downs, nothing to hide.
To protect the ones she cared for,
a wife, a mother, prepared to go to war.

To hold the love between him and her,
this angels fiery passion is like no other.
Time that passes, falls wayward,
from life’s daily grind, it wavered.
Never an answer, to questions asked,
always ending in tears, many times masked.

Far to long her misery grew,
blossoming at times as if he knew.
A token gift celebrating days
after being away missing her birthdays.
He has no clue, her silence is deafening,
tearing apart the fabric of their being.

He really has no clue,
she doesn’t want a gift to warm, she wants you.
Being in love isn’t that hard,
just drop the guard.
Easier said than done, right? wrong,
it’s all a matter of want, like the song…

“Whenever blue tear drops are falling
And my emotional stability is leaving me
There is something I can do
I can get on my knees and look up at you”

A simple act of love costs nothing at all to start,
just one moment to recapture her heart.
It’s there, waiting for his touch,
to be embraced in his clutch.
Three words that would make it right,
the I and You, bridged by loves light.


song quote, Sexual Healing ~ Marvin Gaye

Thoughts of You

Between here and there,
the space is filled,
with an ache to touch,
to feel,
to be.

Embraced by the breath,
that escapes from a yearning,

Letting go,
of haves and have nots,
for the sake of falling,
into a moment of want.

Spiraling sensations,
that tingles,
in the pit of a belly that hungers.

A thirst for a kiss,
never had
but wished it to be.

Soaked to the bone,
as a tempest invades,
the mere ecstasy of desire.

Sending every fiber,
that vibrates and twitches,
every muscle,
uncontrollably insane.

Driving mad,
the chances lost,
that could have been,
with thoughts of you.



I’ve sketched, the thought of this
Vividly in my head
Assured, you may rest
It takes place in my bed

The lines that are etched
They flow with a sweet surrender
Caressed and stroked
Under the glow of the moons splendour

One by one clothes withered away
Exposing the flesh to touches and kisses
Every word whispered with moans
And the odd, sinister hisses

It will start off slow, back and forth
Hovering between heaven and hell
You can count on it
My dear Mademoiselle

I’ve sketched the thought of this
Vividly as I digress
Dreams are meant to be lived
Not just to be dreamed of any less

In my head, controlled by desire
Every move and every turn
Like fire whose flame grows
Left untamed will burn

The want to have and have to want
Unless equaled by another
Will remain a wish, a dream
Trapped and smothered

In time the flame will wither
Embers will fade to cool
Another victim left wanting
Another lovers fool