Reveille ~ a duet

Hatred consumes It billows, it fumes Filling space with vile thoughts Bred from desire to destroy Brewed from a heartless ploy To conquer what is not yours From tribal gatherings To spaceship armies In the vastness of times embrace Fists throwing rocks To detonators set to digital clocks Killing is now easier when miles apart […]

I am so excited about this collaboration. Ive enjoyed Ryans work so much, always had an eye on the chance of meeting on a piece like this. What an honor it is to write with a classic poet. I hope you enjoy. Please follow the link above. It will take you to Ryans blog. if you do not know of him….shame! lets make a game. click link, click follow, enjoy! Thank me later 😝

Mr Ryan Stone. fuck dude, you are awesome. Thank you for your time and friendship.
hugs πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

“Stoned Ax” sounds like a dynamic duo

From Kingdoms Come ~ a duet

Deep within my soul
A yearning scream unfolds
It cries out aloud
But no one ever hears
The silence of my tears
My aching limbs shake
Cotton mouth baked
Slurs of words escape

Clock ticking, I am facing
Storm clouds gathering
Black as a cauldron pit
Sweet childlike zephyr
Is swallowed by my fear
Turns into howling gales
Drowning my anguished wails
Sparking the fury of warrior waves

Earth lines a shore
That hugs up the ocean floor
Fathoms deep where blindness lives
Natural light is never seen
It begins when tremors bleed
Earth now shakes from centres core
Gases, bubbles in rise
Orcas and wolves cry cry cry

Sirens scatter with stony glares
Treacherous songs and golden hair
While, bathed in moonlight
A chariot and a knight
Poseidon in all his might
presides over, as is his rite
The lost ruins of Atlantis
Emerging from their ancient chrysalis

With ebb and flow, from below, the sea swells
A force that rolls, creating a wave
The further it goes, the higher it gets
It reaches for the heavens with a whitecap
Curling towards the rim, where water meets land
His mighty triton, points the way
For a tidalwave to invade
From kingdoms come, to conquer the world

The sea dwarfs, engulfs the shore
Its dominion ensured once more
Alas, what a kingdom it is to be
Corpses as far as the eye can see
Wretched souls lost in a senseless war
Cruel games with no gain but graves and skulls
In this new world, the only sound from far below
The whales sorrowful song, from the heavens borrowed

a collaboration written by ~ Nathalie and Antony

All I can say to start this is, Fucking Finally. Ive been wanting to get my hands on Nathalie blog ~ The Light & The Darkness ~ here for a very long time now. Please go and say hello to a wonderful and beautiful lady. A writer, A poet, she gives us the sweetest, oh la la’s and the hardness of life that draws tears and pouty lips. Real life or make-believe, her voice written is the art she shares from her heart. Damn she’s damn hot in leather 😝

Nathalie ma chere, merci beaucoup pour avoir ecrit avec moi. Un cadeau πŸ™β€οΈ

A Soldiers Letter

Dearest Mine
As you read this letter hold your hand
Pressed to breast
Feel the beat of your heart pound
Allow it to soak and fill with sound
Of a love that travels through space
Inked onto paper
Scribed from a longing vapor
That would, to unite, if time would grant
One last chance

A day in the meadow by a stream
Reciting poems written by sages
The likes of Aristotle and Plato
Minstral songs to dance
Stealing my fair maidens kiss
Under a full moon glow
As stars fill the sky
Reality comes to life

Flameing arrows that arch from above
Piercing the armour of charging soldiers
Striking down fathers, husbands and sons
A sensless battle, all in the name of greed
Stained over the plains
By souls left to wither and bleed

Days that turn to months and years
Hunger for an end, is no where near
With each death comes replaced by another beating heart
Where time will cease, once again

I dream of that meadow
Where I would rather be


Flower Art and Photo Artist Here
Anna Remarchuk

Stained in a Cloth of Conviction


She stared with a sad heart
She watched her world falling apart
With all the thoughts that lead to love
Why does this world hate so much

A child born with an innocence from birth
To live where war is the ruler of earth
All the pain trapped by her eyes
Flows the tears heard throughout time with cries

Gone are the memories told from yesterday
Draining the colour of emerald from her eyes that stray
With sadness that takes her will to stay
Her heart crushed at the sight that took her hopes away

The sun ceased to rise with its purpose for life
The moon ceased to glow with its peaceful embrace
The stars ceased to shine with its hope for a future
The world ceased to live with compassion

Heaven once blessed with benediction
Expression in sadness from the last living Angel
Her eyes cry as they weep fatal
Stained in a cloth of conviction


Faerie Tales Β  Β iii/vΒ 

These boots were made for marching
With battle drawn swords, hand to hand combat
Through open fields with archers at the ready
Loose the arrows take flight blocking out the suns light
Charging soldiers straddling stampeding horses
A war for the gods created by kings
Believing, their reign is greater
These boots were made for marching
To an eventual death at the hands of a brother
Fighting for a lost cause
This war may end, assured, followed by another