A Complicated Life

Staring into the flame of a burning fire
Crackling embers, popping flies in air
Telling a story of a time yet to come
A millennium of visions come undone

With every spiralling swirl, bones beat down
Echoing grunts, pounding the ground
Raising dust to cast moving shadows
Marching into battle, with invading armies

Slaughtering animals
Burning farms to ash
Raping and pillaging
The earth hemorrhaging

Toss another log, the flame rises higher
The shape of a goddess, curves on fire
Dance of the seven veils, draws desire
Drips of saliva, mouth watering hunger

A home sweet home with roots buried deep
Living a dream of a fantasy world
Many live in poverty, struggling to keep
A tomorrow within arms reach

Sensuous lips to meet
Flesh to flesh do greet
Man and woman who seed
Multiply with greed

Glowing red, the cavern walls bleed
Pictures brushed as fingers knead
Death across the land, victims of a plague
As told by aliens, will come in waves

Labs to find a way, to hold death at bay
Is it not a natural thing to do, to die
Life like a flower blooms towards an end
Scientists playing god, a game in hand

Famine and disease
Gases in chambers filled
Powered crystals kill
Harvested by man made skills

Staring into the flame of a dying fire
Embers fades to a soft warming haze
Wrapped in a blanket made from hide
A complicated life, that never was

A starship leaves a trail towards the stars
Left behind a warning to heed their cries
In hope, to start at the beginning
To save this planet, before it’s too late


Im blazing tonight, so may need to edit this mess. This pup is going to bed. good nights my dear friends. πŸ™βž°β€οΈ


Fucking Β  Β (warning 18+)Β 

her pussy trickled with anticipation
just as his nose bumped her button without hesitation
his tongue from her ass, creeps up slowly
separating her folds, he breathes her mustiness in
as his meaty tongue invades, his mouth nasty
chin prickly wet, glistening glide, slippery slope, up and down, all around
her eyes closed tight, she feels his might
she holds her screams, the deep of her throat swells
barely managing a moan, his art paints her whole
his tongue the brush that strokes her inner soul
she squirms, her muscled legs rise, giving her most, enticing him to post
the filling she needs, to ride him, coast to coast
his shaft hard, soft to the touch
the veins flowing, bulging, his purple head knobby round
he enters her core, she makes the first of many cat like purrs
her nails along his back sweep, scarring his skin deep
he grinds his teeth, his head snaps back
the sensation fuels his piston like thrusts
harder she screams, harder, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop
she whimpers…
her every nerve electrified, she slurs, oh my god, as she cums
soaking and dripping along his thighs, his turn, he spins her around
from behind he finishes off with a flurry
as she begs him to spray, he does in a hurry
still inside her now spooning he holds her close
their breaths in sync, his body blankets hers to sleep