Dabbed And Doodled

In winters tune
May we gaze upon
The strokes from coloured oils
Dabbed and doodled
Short and long that reach into stemmed pillars
Cupping the petals that remind us
Although cold and bitter days are here
Soon, may we breathe a sigh
In the glorious beauty, of a new spring day
And smile at the flowers that bloom in May


Art by
Alexis-Nicolas Perignon
18th century

Red November

When the green leaves in trees turn red,
autumns cool burn paints visions in my head
strokes of colours that ignites a fire
as mystic a place as the hobbits shire

Starbucks hands out drinks in red cups,
’tis the season of cinnamon and spice, coffee for 5 bucks?
a moment at ease, with a book or wifi
all, makes it worth, the trip with a sigh

Windows laid out with fake snow and red fashion wear
lureing shoppers in from the cold night air
wishing for this, wishing for that
now isn’t that a cool looking hat!

Reminders, when seeing red poppies on lapels
the sacrifices made to sound, freedoms, bells
a rememberance in a time of tyranny
the outcome was liberty

The time of year when a red november
leads to the winter month of december
with hope, faith and charity
to love eachother for eternity


hello friends.
ive received some love over the past week. more than usual. some comment which is great and i hope i didnt miss replying to anyone. many likes, really surprised by it truthfully. i guess this is my humble way of saying thank you. it really means a lot.
love and peace to all

Sound of Peace

the cool air breathed in, floods the burning pain of the sorrow found inside

with every breath expelled, a gust of misty air dances with the moons stare

on dreams of blooming blossoms, that hang on trees in wait for frosts bite to take

tears from a crying sky that falls with a grace onto a tongue like children play

recalling the first, in every season when winter returns to taste, snowflakes

that tasteless treat that soothes like peppermint without the burn

eyes closed tight, they land like a kiss that melts, as does the heart

knowing the true sound of happiness is the sound of peace

when quiet fills space without hatred and fear

wishing arms would embrace the chill of loneliness

a blanket in moonlights emptiness

if it would be covered in a love of wholeness


Blues, Highs and Lows

winter blues, carries them apart
words, he said/she said, keeping them apart
fettered cries exhaling breaths, tearing them apart
spring blues, when trees fail to blossom
like words frozen, they fail to blossom
yields not a step forward, smiles fail to blossom
summer blues, the heat just keeps coming
hurtful words aflame, just keeps coming
tears never-ending, just keeps coming
autumn blues, life begins to fade
another harsh winter , life begins to fade
seasons, it’s over as life begins to fade

winter blues, carries us together
words, he said/she said, keeping us together
fettered laughs inhaling breaths, melding us together
spring blues, when trees begin to blossom
like words floating, flowers start to blossom
yields a bounty of smiles, evoking joy to blossom
summer blues, the heat just keeps coming
Passionate words aflame, just keeps coming
kisses never-ending, just keeps coming
autumn blues, cuddle nights with you
thankful blessings, living life with you
starting seasons all over, with you