Herbal Poetry ~ The End ~ CDXCIV / D

Not a word, not a single syllable would ignite a thought,
without the aid of natures gift
From the rocky shores of Ucluelet, staring at whales,
as they swim past this tiny hamlet
The wind kissing a face red, oh how hard a slap,
that awakens the senses from bed
How the moss grows, how it blankets the ground,
how it sparkles when the sun shows
Feeding off the ocean, creatures thrive,
praising Mother Natures devotion

Not a word, not a single syllable would ignite a thought,
without the aid of natures drug
Her beauty overwhelms, all life that it surrounds,
high off a blunt herbal poetry compels
An explosion of words erupt in the head,
every drag held; oh look, black birds overhead
Soaring on by, across the sky,
how wonderful it would be to fly
Eyes closed shut, allowing the buzz to catch a ride,
the imagination runs amuck

Not a word, not a single syllable would ignite a thought,
without the aid of natures love
Eyes meet for the very first time, love at first sight,
what are the possibilities to find
Time stands still in a freeze, struck by cupids dart,
the one that makes weak the knees
Melt in the mouth sweetie, eyes that smile dreamy,
fall in love with a west coast honey
How simple words come, when nature overcomes,
pity how these feelings come like a hit and run


When I Look Into Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes,
I melt from the ice that cools my veins.

Blood rushing overheats,
sweat pours, drips from my flesh.

Heat boils from the pit of my core,
like a volcano roars before it soars.

Eruption flows, lava oozes slow,
as it blows a mighty force.

Shake the ground,
standing on.

Skip a beat,
of my heart.

Let it bang,
a drummers song.

Sweep a snare,
a vibrating stare.

When I look into your eyes,
I hunger for a midnight ride.

Saliva pools, dreaming of a taste,
her lips to kiss, like a drug, lust laced.

The buzz in my head spins the room,
intoxicating slide, speeding down from the moon.

A rush playing music overtakes all,
the stars applaud like lighters in a concert hall.



Sexy toes…lay about lazy
Sprawled on blanket…nice and cozy
Flex and extend…driving crazy

Cat and mouse…a game to play
Polished in black…favorite way
Inviting gaze…S’il vous plait

Caressing thighs…tender and wise
Trailing the knee…with kisses they be
Heading for the toes…eyes do see

Lips on arches…they graze and skim
Mouth and tongue…between they rim
Sucking and licking…so wet, they swim

Bites and tugs…feel the sensation
Her flower petals…drip in desperation
Fire to the core…fingers find penetration

Heady scent…of carnal knowledge
Like incense burning…lustful homage
From heel to toe…pleased to forage

Quickened breaths…barely a sound
Whispers from lips…hearts pound
Toes in mouth…cock in mound