You Are My PoetryΒ 

Funny how little words stand out like the rising sun.  Calling birds to sing in the mornings grace.  The cool air from the nights slumbering face awakes.  As the trees sway, the thought of you comes my way. So, so far away, I can’t see but I can feel your hearts beating thunder.  Your soul as it flutters with a good, my hope for earth is renewed.  All it takes is one, to start the chain, effect that can change, one love, into many.  When the darkness comes, I hide, like so many of us.  Scared to take that step, which leads the walk that comes from talk.  Street lights and headlights, illuminating the way, where evil lives to breathe and play.  My mind is filthy, it stalks your lines.   It licks the very thought that comes to be from your poetry.   Your flowing words ignite a fire deep inside.   Erection, the effect, from the cause of reading your poetic affection.  


I’m In Love With You

At night, I can hear the blood in my veins,
Insane tingles, the nerves mingle with,
Down beat heavy on the bass, my head,
Speedway fast, zip! internal engines,
High on the banks, taking the curves,
Straightaway blur, hitting top speed, here I,

Kaleidoscope colours whizzing by
My heart racing to the speed of sound
Breath, steams the glass, fogging
The heat so intense, the mist becomes dust
Thoughts in my head explode with visions
The setting sun, to my right
The waxing moon, coming from the left
In the center, is life
It grows beneath our feet
We inhale the air filled with hope
We taste the bitter and good
So that it may be understood
We are here, to the end
So put the petal, to the metal
Plenty more laps to go
Let’s take this show on the road


hey gang. this is for you. all my friends who visit.
thank you πŸ™β€οΈπŸ’›