A Seduction Of Words

If all it took were words to seduce your heart
I would remain silent but show you my heart
My smile would widen when you came near
My eyes would long to hold you dear
Pounding beats that thump the chest
Ape love swells the breast
Embracing arms to sweep you up
Never to land without my hand
Taste your kiss as often can
Breathe us in
You Jane, me Tarzan
A seduction of words
When left on a page
Can never amount
To physical touch


To Win Your Heart


Perry Como did it, Bing did it too,
with the likes of Sammy Davis Jr.
and Sinatra singing the blues.

Tony Bennett was the hipster,
who got it on with some, real cool cats,
Bono with his shades and Amy’s high top, coiffed hair.

Elton and Bernie collaborating,
down the yellow brick road,
chasing that brown dirt cowboy.

Dr Dre and his posse, rounding up the neighbourhood,
rapping words to a beat,
two gangsters squaring off in the street.

Letters of love written from a poets heart,
Yeates would pen his words for her heart,
in reply, she would break his heart.

Where would Perrault’s Cinderella be now,
if her faerie godmother was never created,
by Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical play.

The left and the right, the black, the white
duets create an art,
even a subject does, to a painters brush.

A slut or a whore, who partners up,
for a joy, a ride, to dance and sing,
all for a chance, to mingle and fling.


this is a thank you to all Ive had the pleasure to collaborate with and everyone who visited, read, liked, commented…..πŸ™β€οΈ

That Was Yesterday

A promise was made
To love her with all his heart
That was yesterday

She sang the same song
A love that would never die
That was yesterday

Voices that draw smiles
It soothes when in company
That was yesterday

A yearning to touch
A race to fill the distance
That was yesterday

Finding ways to say
The need is greater than want
That was yesterday

The stars are in reach
They glitter in a lovers theme
That was yesterday

The moon when it’s full
Pulls the string of desire
That was yesterday

Started off perfect
Every single fucking way
That was yesterday

Another story
Of a love lost
That was yesterday

It wasn’t so bad
Being happy for a while
Wish it was today



There is this thing that sits,
afraid to pass my lips

It’s visible from my eyes,
but only from deep inside my mind

Words that breathe,
words that live

Sometimes its for me,
sometimes its for you

Words that wear clothes,
words that strip naked

Embrace the fear expressed by lines,
carved by features seen upon my face


Hopelessly in love,
but tragically alone

There is this thing,
it sits floating

It’s actually a feeling,
just a feeling

Like the first time,
sight beholds

It can open doors, those words,
that sits waiting to be spoken

Only with courage,
are words heard, past the lips