Perry Como did it, Bing did it too,
with the likes of Sammy Davis Jr.
and Sinatra singing the blues.

Tony Bennett was the hipster,
who got it on with some, real cool cats,
Bono with his shades and Amy’s high top, coiffed hair.

Elton and Bernie collaborating,
down the yellow brick road,
chasing that brown dirt cowboy.

Dr Dre and his posse, rounding up the neighbourhood,
rapping words to a beat,
two gangsters squaring off in the street.

Letters of love written from a poets heart,
Yeates would pen his words for her heart,
in reply, she would break his heart.

Where would Perrault’s Cinderella be now,
if her faerie godmother was never created,
by Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical play.

The left and the right, the black, the white
duets create an art,
even a subject does, to a painters brush.

A slut or a whore, who partners up,
for a joy, a ride, to dance and sing,
all for a chance, to mingle and fling.


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Eclipse of the LipsΒ 

Feeling the bitterness rising to your lips Furious words from your mouth drips Fuming, livid, irate emotions are the only sound Affection, devotion, love no longer surrounds Once full of respect with fireworks to thrill Now Irritated, resentful rage is what we feel Listening, watching chills me to the bone Can’t inhale words once they’re blown Unreasonable temper […]

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