The Ticking Tock of a ClockΒ 

The ticking tock of a clock
Silently clicking and clacking
As light begins to fade
A melancholy parade
Passing by in front of eyes
Those who scurry and hide, inside
Barren streets left alone, deserted
Walkers of the night appear morbid
Decaying flesh hanging sloppy
Limbs that swing back and forth floppy
Sounds of grunts and growls
Eyes that droop to scowls
Scrapping feet along the ground
Trail of blood dripping found
Waiting for the darkness
The undead rising heartless

The ticking tock of a clock
Silently clicking and clacking
The night consumes all of light
And those who still breathe in sight
Forward marching
Zombies lurching
Passage to safety occupied
By obstacles now left mortified
Shotguns that blast
Wielding sabers used last
Hacking at skulls
The edge dulls
Swarms of demons
Lives without reason
Waiting for the darkness
The undead raising madness


hi πŸ™, forgive my absence and sproadic appearance. challenging days at work. i think id rather be a gas jockey😜

hope youre all well and smiling, hugs ➰❀️

Deaths Wake

As so many have before me
I choose this deck of cards once more
and again am dealt a dead mans hand…that buries my soul forever more

As darkness fell, to life came the eerie site of foggy graves
Lined by a forgotten chapel, a soulless decay of loosened stone and shattered glass
Once stained by angels glory, now they lay as shards between weeds that hug chiseled rock

Headstones marked UNKNOWN and lost to deaths hold
As darkness fell, to life came the ghosts of yesteryear
They roam the fields wailing songs beneath a full moons stare
Tormented spirits wait for more living flesh to happen by
They stand like gargoyles erect with pride, showing off exaggerated smiles
Taunting the images of history past with one of a paranormal blast
Death staggers, gruesome and vile with outstretched arms, zombie charms
Limping stumps of toe-less feet dragging dirt and mud to a scraping beat
Parts of bodies dangle from threads of tattered clothing
Soaked in dry with blood that once thrived
Death lives among the living, as more life dies in deaths wake

The above poem (slightly edited) was written Feb 24 2015 when I briefly played with a group of awesome people.  We shared a joint called Kindred Words of Ours.   Please go and visit the other authors, all beautiful souls.  Worth the look (link below) to find something or someone new to read.    Sending all smiles πŸ™β€οΈ

Kindred Words of Ours